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Name Aren
Gender Masculine & Feminine
Usage Japanese
Scripts あれん, 亜蓮, 亜廉, 亜恋, 亜練, 亜聯, 亜連, 阿蓮, 愛怜, 愛恋, 愛蓮, 愛連, 安恋, 杏恋, 杏蓮, 空廉, 空蓮, 吾廉, etc.
Pronounced Pron. ah-ṙen
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Meaning & History

From Japanese 亜 (a) meaning "second, Asia", 阿 (a) meaning "mountain", 愛 (a) meaning "love, affection", 安 (a) meaning "calm, peaceful", 杏 (a) meaning "apricot", 空 (a) meaning "sky" or 吾 (a) meaning "I, me" combined with 蓮 (ren) meaning "lotus", 廉 (ren) meaning "grounds, suspicion", 恋 (ren) meaning "to love", 練 (ren) meaning "practice; practicing", 聯 (ren) meaning "to connect; to join", 連 (ren) meaning "to link; to join; to connect" or 怜 (ren) meaning "pity, sympathize". Other kanji combinations are possible.

A famous bearer is Aren Kuri, a professional Japanese baseball player. He plays pitcher for the Hiroshima Toyo Carp.

For males usage of this name is, most likely, influenced by the name ALAN.
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