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Name Nazuna
Gender Feminine
Usage Japanese
Scripts なずな, なず菜, なず奈, 菜, 菜瑞奈, 菜津菜, 菜都菜, 菜都奈, 七砂, 七鈴菜, 奈瑞菜, 奈津菜, 奈都菜, 那瑞奈, 南沙, 名津菜, 薺, etc.
Pronounced Pron. NAH-ZUU-NAH
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Meaning & History

From Japanese 菜 (nazuna, na) meaning "vegetables, greens", 七 (na) meaning "seven", 奈 (na) meaning "apple tree", 那 (na) meaning "what", 南 (na) meaning "south", 名 (na) meaning "name" or 薺 (nazuna) meaning "water-chestnuts, caltrop", 瑞 (zu) meaning "congratulations", 津 (zu) meaning "haven, port, harbor, ferry", 都 (zu) meaning "metropolis, capital, all, everything" or 鈴 (zu) meaning "bell" combined with 奈 (na) meaning "apple tree", 砂 (zuna) or 沙 (zuna) both meaning "sand" or 菜 (na) meaning "vegetables, greens". Other kanji or kanji combinations can form this name as well.
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