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Name Gaku
Gender Masculine
Usage Japanese
Scripts 岳, 学春, 学久, 学, 賀句, 岳久, 岳春, 楽, 楽久, 楽春, 鶴, 學, 學治, 學春, 樂治, 樂春, etc.
Pronounced Pron. gah-kuu
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Meaning & History

From Japanese 岳 (gaku, ga) meaning "point, peak, mountain", 学 (gaku, ga) meaning "study, learning, science", 賀 (ga) meaning "congratulations, joy", 楽 (ga, gaku) meaning "music, comfort, ease", 鶴 (gaku) meaning "crane, stork", 學 (gaku, ga) meaning "learning, knowledge, school" or 樂 (ga) meaning "music, comfort" combined with 春 (ku) meaning "spring", 久 (ku) meaning "long time", 句 (ku) meaning "phrase, clause, sentence, passage, paragraph, counter for haiku" or 治 (ku) meaning "reign, be at peace, calm down, subdue, quell, govt, cure, heal, rule, conserve". Other kanji or kanji combinations can form this name as well.

Famous bearers are Gaku Hamada, a Japanese film and television actor, Gaku Miyao, a Japanese manga artist known for his work on the series Kazan and Gaku Shibasaki, a Japanese footballer who plays as a midfielder for CD Tenerife in the Spanish Segunda División on loan from Kashima Antlers.
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