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Name Kayomi
Gender Feminine & Masculine
Usage Japanese
Scripts かよみ, 伽世三, 伽世美, 伽代見, 伽代未, 佳世三, 佳世未, 佳代美, 佳余美, 加世実, 加代見, 加代美, 加容美, 可世三, 可世美, 可代美, 夏世実, 夏代見, 夏代美, 果世三, 果代実, 歌世三, 歌世未, 歌代美, 花世三, 花代見, 花代未, 華世実, 華代三, 華代未, 桂代美, 香世実, 香世未, 香代美, 香葉美, etc.
Pronounced Pron. KAH-YO-MEE
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Meaning & History

From Japanese 伽 (ka) meaning "temple", 佳 (ka) meaning "beautiful, good", 加 (ka) meaning "add, addition, increase", 可 (ka) meaning "passable", 夏 (ka) meaning "summer", 果 (ka) meaning "fruit", 歌 (ka) meaning "song, poetry", 花 (ka) or 華 (ka) both meaning "flower" or 香 (ka) meaning "fragrance", 世 (yo) meaning "world", 代 (yo) meaning "generation", 余 (yo) meaning "over, more than" or 葉 (yo) meaning "leaf" combined with 三 (mi) meaning "three", 美 (mi) meaning "beautiful", 見 (mi) meaning "to see", 未 (mi) meaning "the Sheep, the eighth of the twelve Earthly Branches" or 実 (mi) meaning "seed; fruit; nut". Other kanji combinations are possible.

A famous bearer is Kayomi Harai, a award-winning, self-taught watercolour artist.
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