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Name Ranto
Gender Masculine
Scripts 嵐人, 嵐斗, 嵐星, 嵐翔, 嵐都, 嵐音, 蘭斗, 蘭都, 蘭飛, etc.
Pronounced Pron. ṙahn-to
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Meaning & History

From Japanese 嵐 (ran) meaning "storm, tempest" or 蘭 (ran) meaning "orchid" combined with 人 (to) meaning "person", 斗 (to), which refers to a Chinese constellation, 星 (to) meaning "star", 翔 (to) meaning "soar, fly", 都 (to) meaning "metropolis, capital, all, everything", 音 (to) meaning "sound" or 飛 (to) meaning "fly". Other kanji combinations are possible.
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