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This is a list of submitted names in which an editor of the name is La Reina.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Adhy m Indonesian
Variant of Adi 2.
Dunnina f Sicilian
Feminine form of Dunninu.
Lemmuela f Hebrew
Feminine form of Lemuel.
Matsukaze m & f Japanese
Means "wind blowing through pine trees" in Japanese. A Japanese opera named its character Matsukaze.
Nedda f Sicilian, Theatre, Hungarian
Sicilian diminutive of Antonietta as well as a Sicilian form of Nella. The name was also adopted into Hungarian usage. Furthermore, this name is borne by the main female role in the opera 'Pagliacci'.
Setiawati f Indonesian
Means "faithful woman", derived from Indonesian setia meaning "loyal, faithful" combined with the feminine suffix -wati.
Vale f & m Italian, Spanish
Diminutive of Valentino and Valentina.