Afro-American Mythology Submitted Names

These names occur in the various mythologies and religions that developed in the Americas among African slaves.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Erzulie f Afro-American Mythology, New World Mythology
This is the Haitian Voodoo love goddess and goddess of elemental forces. She is personified as a water snake. She is also called Ezili.
Iemanjá f Afro-American Mythology, New World Mythology
Portuguese Brazilian variant of Yemaja, also used in Uruguay. In many Afro-American religions she is the Goddess of the Ocean, also the Mother Goddess and patron of women.
Imanja f Afro-American Mythology
Form of Yemaya found in Uruguay. Compare Iemanjá.
Janaína f Portuguese (Brazilian), Tupi, Afro-American Mythology
From Tupi îandá una, referring to a type of black bird. This is also another name of the Yoruba goddess Yemaja, e.g. in the Afro-Brazilian cult of Candomblé, used as a given name in Brazil.
Quiajay m Afro-American Mythology (Americanized, Rare)
History: It is a name synthesized from the last half of his father's first name (Marqui) in conjunction with my god-nephew's middle name (Ajay). The epiphany that brought the meaning of the name occurred before the child's 12th, in the summer of 2016 during a Sunday swim in the pool, at 2151 East 1st Street, Santa Ana CA, the location formally known as The Guest Inn... [more]