Batak Submitted Names

Batak names are used on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia by speakers of the Batak languages. See also about Indonesian names.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Anggiat m Batak
Means "hopefully" in Batak.
Benget m Batak
Means "steadfast, diligent, forbearing" in Batak.
Bonar m Batak
Means "true, just, fair, honest" in Batak.
Dame f & m Batak
Means "peace, harmony" in Batak.
Halomoan m Batak
Means "wish, desire" in Batak.
Haposan m Batak
Means "believe, trust" in Batak.
Hasudungan m Batak
Means "beloved, daring, special" in Batak.
Horas m Batak
Means "healthy, safe, prosperous" in Batak.
Hotdin m Batak
Meaning unknown.
Hotna f Batak
From Batak hot meaning "strong, firm, steady".
Lambok m Batak
Means "soft, tender, gentle" in Batak.
Lamhot m Batak
From Batak lam meaning "more" and hot meaning "strong, firm, steady".
Lamria f Batak
From Batak lam meaning "more" and ria meaning "festive, happy, together".
Marihot m Batak
Means "joined, tied, connected" in Batak.
Maringan m Batak
Means "remain, stay, reside" in Batak.
Martua m Batak
Means "happy, lucky" in Batak.
Marudut m Batak
Means "continue, advance" in Batak.
Minar f Batak
Means "bright, clear, shining" in Batak.
Monang m Batak
Means "win, triumph" in Batak.
Oloan m Batak
Means "obey, follow, agree" in Batak.
Pandapotan m Batak
Means "income" in Batak.
Parasian m & f Batak
From Toba Batak language meaning "One that is loved". From the word "Asi" meaning love, and the affix "par-an" meaning "to be" to explain the behaviour.
Pardamean m Batak
Means "peace" in Batak.
Pardomuan m Batak
Means "meeting, gathering" in Batak.
Parlindungan m Batak
Means "protection" in Batak.
Parningotan m Batak
Means "memory, remembrance" in Batak.
Parulian m Batak
Means "good luck, fortune, blessing" in Batak.
Pesta f Batak
Means "celebration, party, gathering" in Batak.
Poltak m Batak
Means "rise, appearance (of the moon)" in Batak.
Romauli f Batak
From Batak roma meaning "come, arrive" and uli meaning "good, beautiful".
Rotua f Batak
From Batak ro meaning "come, arrive" and tua meaning "good luck, blessing".
Rumondang f Batak
Means "moon, moonbeam" in Batak.
Sabam ᯘᯅᯔ m Batak
Means "patient, steadfast" in Batak.
Sangkot m & f Batak
Means "hook, tie, connect" in Batak.
Sondang f & m Batak
Means "light, ray" in Batak.
Sorta f Batak
Means "sweet, friendly, courteous, polite" in Batak.
Tiarma f Batak
From Batak tiar meaning "bright, clear (voice)".
Tiur f Batak
Means "bright, clear" in Batak.
Tiurma f Batak
From Batak tiur meaning "bright, clear".
Tumpal m Batak
Means "crown" in Batak.