Chamorro Submitted Names

Chamorro names are used by the Chamorro people of Guam and the Mariana Islands.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Alula f Chamorro
Means "hasten" in Chamorro.
Beyu m Chamorro
Chatino form of Silverio.
Chubasca f Chamorro
Chamorro name from the Spanish word chubasco meaning "downpour", itself from Latin pluvia "rain".
Echa f & m Chamorro
Means "to give blessing" in Chamorro.
Guifi f Chamorro
Means "dream" in Chamorro.
Hirao m Chamorro
Means "affection" in Chamorro.
Ina m & f Polynesian, Chamorro
Derived from Chamarro ina "to illuminate, to light up."
Inapo m Chamorro
Means "wave" in Chamorro.
Inina f Polynesian, Chamorro, Chuukese
Means "glimmer, a faint intermittent light", from the Polynesian, Chamorro and Chuukese word ininä; ina.
Isa f Polynesian, Chamorro
A female Chamorro name, either derived from the noun isa meaning "rainbow", or possibly derived from the verb meaning "to flatter" or the transitive verb meaning "to rise, to haul up".
Maipe m Chamorro, Polynesian
Means "fiery, hot, passionate", from the word máipe.
Napo m Chamorro, Polynesian
Drived from Chamorro napo meaning "wave."
Puengi f Chamorro
Means "night" in Chamorro.
Sabana f Chamorro
Means "mountain" in Chamorro.
Tamong m Chamorro
Means "huge, large" in Chamorro.
Toca m Chamorro
Derived from Chamorro toca meaning "to concern, to pertain to".