Comanche Submitted Names

Comanche names are used by the Comanche people of the southern United States.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Huupi-pahati m Comanche
Meaning, "tall tree."
Mukwooru m Comanche
Meaning, "spirit talker."
Mupitsukupʉ m Comanche
Means "old owl" in Comanche.
Nadua f Comanche
Means "someone found" or "keeps warm with us" in Comanche. ... [more]
Na'ura f Comanche
Meaning, "someone found."
Pahayoko m Comanche
Meaning, "amorous man."
Pawʉʉrasʉmʉnunʉ m Comanche
Means "ten bears" in Comanche.
Pecos m Comanche
Means "pecan" in Comanche.... [more]
Peta m Comanche
Peta Nocona (d. 1864) was a chief of the Comanche band Noconi. He led his tribe during the extensive Indian Wars in Texas from the 1830s to 1860. He was the son of the Comanche chief Iron Jacket and father of chief Quanah Parker with Nadua... [more]
Puhihwikwasu'u m Comanche
Means "iron jacket" in Comanche.
Quenah-evah m Comanche
Means "eagle drink" in Comanche.
Tabemohats m Comanche
My Uncle Johnny named my son this: Tabemohats meaning "Bright Sun"
Topsannah f Comanche (Anglicized, Rare)
Means "prairie flower" in Comanche.... [more]
Tʉhʉyakwahipʉ m Comanche
Means "horseback" in Comanche.