Cree Submitted Names

Cree names are used by the Cree people of Canada.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Ahchuchhwahauhhatohapit m Cree
Means "one who has stars for a blanket" in Cree.
Danis f Cree
From Cree otânisimâw meaning "daughter".
Kahkewistahaw m Cree
Means "he who flies around" in Cree.
Kakeesheway m Cree
Means "loud voice" in Cree.
Kamdyistowesit m Indigenous American, Cree
Means "beardy" in Cree.
Kamiokisihkwew m Indigenous American, Cree
Means "fine day" in Cree.
Kapapamahchakwew m Cree
Means "wandering spirit" in Cree.
Keasik f Cree
From Cree ka wâsekwahk "sky blue".
Kee-a-kee-ka-sa-coo-way m Indigenous American, Cree
Means "the man who gives the war whoop" in Cree.
Keskayiwew m Cree
Means "bobtail" in Cree.
Kisikawasan m Cree
Means "flash in the sky" in Cree.
Kiwisünce m Cree
Means "little child" in Cree.
Küpeyakwüskonam m Indigenous American, Cree
Means "one arrow" in Cree.
Mahikan m Cree
Means "wolf" in Cree, from the Cree mahihkan "wolf; grey wolf; timber wolf".
Maskepetoon m Cree
Means "broken arm" or "crooked arm" in Cree.
Maskwa m Cree
The name comes from the Cree word for ''bear'' maskwa.
Minahikosis m Cree
Means "little pine" in Cree.
Mistahi-maskwa m Cree
Means "big bear" in Cree.
Mukitou m Cree
Means "black powder" in Cree.
Papewes m Cree
Means "lucky man" in Cree.
Paskus f Cree
Means "rising" in Cree.
Paskwüw m Cree
Means "the plain", referring to the prairies, in Cree.
Payipwāt m Cree
Means "one who knows the secrets of the Sioux" in Cree.
Peechee m Cree
Means "mountain lion" in Cree.
Petequakey m Cree
Means "come to us with the sound of wings" in Cree.
Pihew-kamihkosit m Cree
Means "red pheasant" in Cree.
Sâkêwêw f & m Cree
Means "He/She comes into view" in Cree.
Sâkowêw f & m Cree
Means "He/She makes a joyful sounds" or "War Whoop" in Cree.
Saswaypew m Cree
Means "cut nose" in Cree.
Sehkosowayanew m Cree
Means "ermine skin" in Cree.
Sikakwayan m Cree
Means "skunk skin" in Cree.
Tantoo m & f Cree, Popular Culture, Apache
Variation of Tonto, from Spanish tonto (“fool”), from Western Apache kounʼnde (“wild rough people”). ... [more]
Wah-wee-oo-kah-tah-mah-hote m Cree
Means "strike him on the back" in Cree.
Wāpiy-mōstōsis m Cree
Means "white calf" in Cree.
Wīhkasko-kisēyin ᐄᐧᐦᑲᐢᑯ ᑭᓭᔨᐣ m Cree
Means "sweetgrass" in Cree. This was the name of a 19th-century Crow man who became one of the leading Plains Cree chiefs in the Battleford region of Saskatchewan, Canada.
Wuttunee m Cree
Means "porcupine" in Cree.