Efik Submitted Names

Efik names are used by the Efik people of southeast Nigeria
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ADIM m & f Efik
AKWA m Efik, Ibibio
Means "elder, senior" in Efik and Ibibio.
AMAKU m & f Efik
Of Eniong Origin
AMBO m & f Efik
ANIYOM m & f Efik
Anglicised version of the Name Asibong.... [more]
ARUK f Efik
Of Eniong Origin
ASANYE m & f Efik
ATAI m & f Efik
EDEM m & f Efik
EDIDIONG f & m Efik
Means “blessing” in Efik.
EKAETE f Western African, Ibibio, Efik
Means "father's mother". It is given in honor of one's paternal grandmother.
EKEI m & f Efik
EKPA f & m Efik
EMA m & f Efik
ESU m & f Efik
Efik origin, meaning, Great grand father,
ETIM m Efik, Ibibio
Efik and Ibibio of south eastern Nigeria, meaning to Care for, to prepare for.
ETON m & f Efik
IBOK m & f Efik
IDEM m & f Efik
IDIM m & f Efik
INIEMEM f & m Efik
"Time of peace"
INYANG m & f Efik
KOKO m & f Efik
"namesake" shortened form for kokoete; male. That is father's namesake, [more]
Efik origin, Child's mother, alias for grandmother,
ODO m & f Efik
OKU m & f Efik
Means Priest
SANAMA f Efik, Ibibio
"completely pure"
UBONEMEM m & f Efik (Modern)
"Offspring of peace"
UKPONG m & f Efik
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