Ewe Submitted Names

Ewe names are used by the Ewe people of Ghana and Togo.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Abra f Ewe
Means "Tuesday-born girl" in Ewe.
Afafa f Ewe
Means "the first child of the second husband" in Ewe.
Afryea f Ewe
Means "born during happy times" in Ewe.
Akou f Ewe
Akou is a name often given to a girl born on a Wednesday in Ewe culture.
Amefia m Ewe
Amefia means 'people's king' in Ewe. Amefia is a surname that has significant transferred usage to a given name.
Ametepee m Ewe
Not available.
Amewusika f Ewe
Means "people are more valuable than material things" in Ewe.
Dzidefo m & f Ewe
Origin African Ghana Togo Benin... [more]
Fenuku m & f Ewe
Means "year seed" in Ewe.
Feyi f Ewe
Means "a year has passed" in Ewe.
Haawo f Ewe
Means “the snow” in Ewe.
Kekeli f Ewe
Kekeli is of Ewe origin & means, 'light, lightness.'
Lololi f Western African, Ewe
Means "there is always love" in Ewe.
Nukunu f & m Ewe
Meaning miracle or wonder
Nuname m African, Ewe
Means Gift. Used by the Ewe tribe of Ghana, Togo and Benin of West Africa.
Nusesi m & f Ewe
Means "the powerful hand" in Ewe.
Nusetor m Ewe
The Mighty One
Selorm m & f Western African, Ewe
Means "God loves me" or "divine love" in Ewe.
Xetsa f Ewe
Means "twin" in Ewe.
Yawa f Western African, Ewe
Means "born on Thursday" in Ewe.