Idoma Submitted Names

Idoma names are used by the Idoma people of Nigeria.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Ada m Idoma
Means "father" in Idoma.
Adole m Idoma
Means "father of the house" in Idoma.
Ehi f Idoma
Means "gift" in Idoma.
Ene f Idoma
Means "mother" in Idoma.
Enoba f Idoma
Means "mother of my husband" or "mother-in-law" in Idoma.
Ibenu m Idoma
Ibenu means "dare not a warrior" it was given after the Ibenu empire who lived in the Benue-Plateau region before its disintegration. The history was told that Ikwu who beget Ibenu were both warriors... [more]
Ihotu f Idoma
Means "love" or "like" in Idoma.
Ofu m Idoma
Means "power, strength" in Idoma.
Ojilima f Idoma
Means "honour, respect" in Idoma.
Olotu m Idoma
Means "very courageous" in Idoma.
Onyeche f Idoma
Means "Who agrees?" in Idoma.
Onyemowo f Idoma
Means "Who knows God's thoughts" or "Who knows God's plans" in Idoma.