Mapuche Submitted Names

Mapuche names are used by the Mapuche people of Chile and Argentina.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Aliwen m & f Mapuche
From Mapudungun aliwen meaning "tree."
Aluhé f & m Spanish (Latin American), Mapuche
Derived from Mapudungun alwe (also used as am), referring to (the spirit/soul of) a dead person.
Antü m & f Mapuche
From Mapudungun antü (also antv and anty) meaning "sun, day."
Awkan m Mapuche
From Mapudungun awkan meaning "rebellion, war."
Ayelin f Mapuche
Variant of Ayelen
Huilen f Mapuche
Mapuche "spring".... [more]
Kallfü m & f Mapuche
From Mapudungun kallfü (also kajfv) meaning "blue" (Smeets also lists "purple").
Kallfükura m Mapuche
Combination of Mapudungun Kallfü and kura meaning "stone."
Kallfüray f Mapuche
Original Mapudungun form of Calfuray.
Kallfürayen f Mapuche
Full form of Kallfüray, essentially a combination of Kallfü and Rayen.
Kallfürüngi m Mapuche
Means "blue Chilean Bamboo" in Mapuche.
Kintuillang m Mapuche
Means "look for semiprecious stones or beads" in Mapuche.
Lautaro m Mapuche (Hispanicized), Spanish (Latin American)
Hispanicized form of the Mapudungun given name Lef-Traru, which means "swift hawk", derived from lef meaning "swift" combined with traru meaning "hawk".... [more]
Llacolén f Mapuche (Hispanicized)
Allegedly derived from a Mapuche word meaning "calm, peace". According to tradition, this was the name of a daughter of Galvarino, a Mapuche warrior who died in 1557 in the four-year Arauco War (Araucanian War) in Chile.
Llakolen f Mapuche
Feminine Mapuche name meaning "calm"
Mañke m Mapuche
From Mapudungun mañke, referring to the condor vulture.
Millarai f & m Mapuche
Variant of Millaray.
Paine f & m Spanish (Latin American), Mapuche
Spanish form of Payne (compare Painé).
Painé f & m Spanish (Latin American), Mapuche
Spanish form of Payne (compare Paine).
Pichulonko m Mapuche
Means "Big Pichula" in Mapuche. mapuche
Pire f & m Mapuche, Literature
From Mapudungun pire meaning "snow, hail" (compare Piren, derived from the verb).... [more]
Piren f Mapuche
From Mapudungun verb piren meaning "to snow, hail" (compare Pire, derived from the noun).
Piwke f & m Mapuche
From Mapudungun piwke meaning "heart."
Relmu f & m Mapuche (Rare)
From Mapudungun relmu meaning "rainbow."
Tahiel m & f Mapuche, Spanish (Latin American, Modern, Rare), Popular Culture
Variant of Taiel. The name is found mainly in Argentina. ... [more]
Taiel m & f Mapuche, Spanish (Latin American)
From Mapuche tayül denoting a song by a shaman.... [more]
Tehuel m & f Mapuche
Meaning "brave", "indomitable" in mapudungun the language of the Mapuche people. Used in Argentina and Chile.
Wenu f & m Mapuche
From Mapudungun wenu, a noun meaning "sky" and an adverb meaning "up, above."