Miwok Submitted Names

Miwok names are used by speakers of Miwok languages in California.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Awanata f Miwok
Means "turtle" in Miwok.
Elki m Miwok
Derived from Miwok elkini "to hang over the top of" or "to drape over", with the implied meaning "bear hanging intestines of people on top of rocks or bushes".
Hateya f Miwok
Means "press with the foot" or "make tracks" in the Miwok language, with the implied meaning being "bear making tracks in the dust". From the Miwok ha·t'ej.
Huyana m Miwok
Means "rain falling" in Miwok.
Kaliska m & f Miwok
Means "coyote chasing deer" in Miwok.
Kosumi m Miwok
Derived from Miwok kosumu "salmon" and/or kose "to throw at", with the implied meaning "fishes for salmon with a spear".
Leyati m Miwok
Means "shell" in Miwok.
Liluye f Miwok
Implies "singing chicken hawk that soars" in the Miwok language.
Lise m Miwok
Means "salmon head rising above water" in Miwok.
Liwanu m Miwok
Means "bear growl" in Miwok.
Lokni m Miwok
Means "rain falls through the roof" in Miwok.
Malila f Miwok
Means "salmon going fast up a rippling stream" in the Miwok language
Misu m Miwok
Means "rippled stream" in Miwok.
Molimo m Miwok
Means "walking in the shadow" in Miwok.
Mona m Miwok
Means "he picks jimsonweed seeds" in Miwok.
Muata m Miwok
Means "yellow jacket in the nest" in Miwok.
Pakuna f Miwok (?)
Allegedly a variant of Pukuna, a Miwok name meaning "deer jumping when running downhill".
Ponponio m Miwok
Leader of a band of Native American fugitives in California who called themselves Los Insurgentes and who rebelled against Mexican rule and the mission system in California.
Sanuye f Miwok
Means "cloud" in the Miwok language, with the implied meaning being "red cloud at sundown".
Taipa m Miwok
Derived from Miwok tapa "to spread wings, to flap", with the implied meaning "valley quail spreading wings as it alights".
Tenaya m Miwok
Possibly from Central Sierra Miwok taná·ya- meaning "evening star". This was the name of a 19th-century Miwok chief for whom Tenaya Lake in Yosemite National Park was named.
Tupi m Miwok
Means "salmon" in the Miwok language, with the implied meaning being "throwing salmon onto bank".
Wuyi m Miwok
Native American boy's name meaning "Soaring turkey vulture"