Omaha-Ponca Submitted Names

Omaha-Ponca names are used by the Omaha and Ponca peoples of Oklahoma and Nebraska.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Abeytu f Omaha-Ponca
Meaning "Green Leaf" in Omaha-Ponca.
Abeytzi m & f Omaha-Ponca
Means "yellow leaf" in Omaha-Ponca.
Donoma f Omaha-Ponca
Means "sight of the sun" in Omaha–Ponca, from Omaha dóⁿbe "to see, look at, perceive" and miⁿ "sun, moon".
Ezhno f Omaha-Ponca
Means "lone, solitary, only" in Omaha-Ponca.... [more]
Galilhai f Miwok, Paiute, Omaha-Ponca, Algonquian, Navajo, Meskwaki, Sioux, Shonshone, Lakota
Meaning "Gentle", "Attractive".
Miakoda f Omaha-Ponca, Literature
Means "power of the moon" in Omaha-Ponca, from Omaha miⁿ "moon, sun" and akoⁿda "power".
Migina f Omaha-Ponca
Means "returning moon", from the Omaha miⁿ "moon, sun", ginóⁿ "grow, flourish".
Mika m Omaha-Ponca
Means "racoon" in Osage and Omaha-Ponca.
Mikah f Omaha-Ponca
Variant of Mika.
Mimiteh f Omaha-Ponca (?), Popular Culture
Possibly a variant of Mi'mite, an Omaha name of uncertain meaning, or a variant of the Omaha name Mi'mitega meaning "new moon". This is the name of a Native American vampire in Scott Snyder's comic book series American Vampire (2010-).
Nidawi f Omaha-Ponca
Baby name books and sites list this name as meaning "fairy", but that is incorrect. In Omaha, nidawį actually means "elephant woman", from the Omaha nida referring to the giant bones found in riverbanks.