Oromo Submitted Names

Oromo names are used in Ethiopia.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Abush m Oromo
Means, 'little boy' often used to denote the youngest child of a family.
Assie f Oromo
varint of aussie
Chaltu f Eastern African, Oromo
Means "being the best of the best" in Oromo.
Dagim m Oromo
Means 'again' or 'the second (junior)' in Oromiffa.
Duretti f Oromo (Rare)
Meaning 'Luxury"
Eebbisee f Oromo
Meaning "blessing from God" in Oromoo.
Gemechu m Eastern African, Oromo
Means "joy, happiness" in Oromo.
Gifti f Oromo
Means "lady" or "queen" in Afaan Oromo.
Ibsituu f Eastern African, Oromo
Means "light" in Oromo.
Lamessa m Oromo
It is spoken by the Oromo people in Ethiopia. The meaning of the name come from Lama; which means two. And Lamessa means "the second." It is a name given to a person that comes next to the first born: male or female in the family.
Lami m Eastern African, Oromo
Means 'nation' in Oromo.
Sado m Oromo (Anglicized)
A form of the arabic name Sa'id, meaning "happy, lucky", used by the Oromo people of Ethiopia. Notable people with this name includes Junedin Sado, a former Ethiopian Cabinet Minister, Haji Adam Sado, a political leader, and his father, Sado Sheka.
Waaq m Oromo (Latinized, Archaic), Somali (Latinized, Archaic)
Waaq is a name for the ancient Cushitic sky god. He was the supreme creator and god to the indigenous religions of several Cushitic peoples before the advent of the Abrahamic religions in the Horn of Africa... [more]
Wada f Oromo
East african (Kushitic, Oromo) meaning "Promise".