Sami Mythology Submitted Names

These names occur in Sami mythology.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Ipmil m Sami Mythology
Means "God" in Northern Sámi.
Juoksáhkká f Sami, Sami Mythology
Combination of Juoksa and Sami áhkká meaning "wife, woman, mother". Jousáhkká is a goddess in Sami mythology who decides whether an unborn baby will be a boy or girl... [more]
Máttaráhkká f Sami, Sami Mythology
Máttaráhkká is the goddess of women and children. She has three daughters: Sáráhkká, Uksáhkká and Juoksáhkká.
Raedieahkka f Sami Mythology
Raedieahkka was the wife of the superior Sami deity Radien-attje.
Rana Niejta f Sami Mythology
Derived from rana meaning "green, green fields" and niejta meaning "girl, daughter". This is the Sami goddess of spring and fertility.
Salaneide f Sami Mythology
Derived from sala meaning "sun" and neida meaning "daughter, girl". This is the name of the Sami solar goddess.
Sáráhkká f Sami, Sami Mythology
Combination of the male name Sárra and the word áhkká "wife, woman, mother". Sáráhkká is the goddess of childbirth in Sami mythology.
Uksáhkká f Sami, Sami Mythology
Means "door goddess", from Sami uksa "door" and áhkká "wife, woman, mother". In Sami mythology Uksáhkká lived under the door sill and protected the home against all evil. She watched over children during their first year, especially when they learned to walk.