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Subject: Re: Esther, Yvette, Gideon, Sequoia
Author: kudriashkajo   (Authenticated as jodirae)
Date: October 4, 2012 at 10:56:32 AM
Reply to: Esther, Yvette, Gideon, Sequoia by Effie
Kinda meh about Esther. Although, Essie would be a very cute nickname. I think Esther is the kind of name I don't love, but I appreciate when someone else uses.

Yvette is pretty cool. As far as Y names go, I prefer Yolanda, but that's probably irrelevant. It's way more awesome than Yvonne.

Gideon is a not-so-secret love of mine. He'd had dark curly hair, glasses, and I'd call him Gidders. But my husband is not on board...

Sequoia is really neat, but I'd say it's middle-name or pet-name territory. I would find it odd on a person.

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