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Subject: Re: Hobbit names (female)
Author: Siân   (Authenticated as Sharley)
Date: October 6, 2012 at 2:38:21 AM
Reply to: Hobbit names (female) by zizi
Adaldrida -Too much, but great for a Hobbit.
Adamanta -not my style, but sounds like a name I would have once used in Lord of the Rings fanfiction. I mean, not that Iwrote Lord of the Rings- oh, whatever. I was young, okay?
Angelica * -Don't like it anywhere, ever.
Alfrida -Too human. This name seems like it would belong better in Rohan.
Amaranth * -lovely.
Amethyst -cool for a Hobbit.
Angelica * -already posted this one.
Asphodel * -cool. Reminds me of Astrophel.
Belba -Better as a nickname.
Bell -cute
Belladonna * -Should be the bad character because of the poisonous name.
Berylla -Depends on where you accent this one. Accent on the first syllable isn't cute, but accent on the second is okay.
Camellia * -cute
Chica -nmsaa
Cora -adorable
Daisy x3 * -There were a lot of Daisys, weren't there? Sam had a sister and daugher named Daisy, right? (Or was that May?)
Diamond -Pippin's lovely lass. :)
Dina -nms, but could work well as a hobbity nickname.
Donnamira -cute for a Hobbit
Dora -again, short form of something only.
Druda -ditto
Eglantine * -Who was this again? Pippin's mom? Not my style, but works well for a Hobbit lady.
Elanor * -Sam's daughter. Aww. Like it. Preferred this spelling to Eleanor for years. Maybe still do.
Esmeralda -Merry's mom! Love it!
Estella -Merry's wife's name is my favourite name ever.
Firiel -cool, but seems more like it comes from "the land of the big folk."
Gerda -Not sure why I like this one. It isn't really attractive, is it?
Goldilocks -I think it's cute that Tolkien included the name Goldilocks, but it is a horrible name. And even worse that Sam used it for a his own daughter.
Hanna -Short form again maybe.
Hilda -works well
Hildigard -Wish he'd have left this one out.
Ivy * -lovely
Jessamine * -ditto
Lalia -very lovely.
Laura -wish he'd left this one out too. Too normal to be in Middle Earth.
Lavender * -cute for a Hobbit
Lily x2 * -Nice
Linda -nmsaa anywhere
Lobelia * -Nms. Maybe because of the character.
Malva -can't decide about this one
Marigold * -Great hobbit name.
May x2 -Prefer Mae. One of Sam's children or siblings. Whatever, a Gamgee.
Melilot *-LOVE Melilot. We used to have someone on these boards named Melilot years and years ago. For all I know they're still here and changed their username.
Menegilda -Great hobbity name.
Mentha *-maybe an okay short form of something
Mimosa *-actually the only time I would think Mimosa is a cute name would be on a Hobbit.
Mirabella -works
Myrtle * -Kind of funny that my head image for Myrtle is a curly-haired, short, tubby girl with round cheeks, huh?
Nina -short form sounding
Nora -ditto, but like it.
Pansy * -nms, but works.
Pearl -cute. Pippin's sister.
Peony * -cute too
Pervinca * -nmsaa and I think I used to use this as the name of one of my lesser-friendly hobbits. She sounds snobbish, doesn't she? If she's another sibling of Pippin's she was definitely the one I used as the bratty sibling.
Pimpernel * -nms at all. Was she a Took too?
Poppy * -adorable/
Primrose x2 * -works well for a Shireling.
Primula * -Frodo's mother! Only on a Hobbit.
Prisca -Maybe this is where I originally got this name. I wasn't even sure anymore.
Rosa * -okay
Rosamunda * -works
Rose x3 * -ROSIE COTTON! Lovely name.
Rowan * -Rowena would be nicer, but still this name is entirely too close to Rohan.
Ruby x2 -like it One of Sam's children.
Salvia * -haha. I just think og hullucenigenics now.
Sapphira -nms
Tanta -could be okay

Okay, since you clearly have read this more recently than I have, I have a question.
Did Merry and Estella have any children?
I know Sam & Rosie had thirteen children and Pippin & Diamond had Faramir and Frodo was the end of his line. But I can't remember Merry & Estella and this is sad because I love Merry the most.

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