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Subject: Re: Names that don't "fit"
Author: zizi   (Authenticated as zaki95)
Date: October 8, 2012 at 2:35:28 PM
Reply to: Names that don't "fit" by Norah Namenerd
I don't think names have to fit. I know a lot of examples.

Two of the three girls named Juliana that I know are into sports. One only does more mild sports, but the other is a soccer star who plays quite rough - she did with me in my gym class! They do have girls' hairstyles, but the second Juliana is not that into fashion unless it's athletic. And even the third Juliana, the one who's not into sports, isn't exceptionally frilly.

I also know a Billie (real name, no nickname) who is a real fashionista. And she looks completely feminine. And she hates pretty much every sport. There's no denying this girl being a girly girl.

I know a guy named Bradley who isn't a jock in the least. He does like sports, but he's average. Usually, I see Bradley as a jock name.

One of my friends is named Jayden. Yes, Jayden. His older sister is Autumn. His family is not lower-class at all - his parents both went to college, and they were about 30 when they had him (in contrast to what one would expect). I admit they're very into pop culture, and they didn't exactly go to the best colleges, but they're not trashy. And a lot of people may associate the name with Britney Spears' son, who is blond, but my friend is darker than I am. On the other extreme, I know an Alice who really fits the "bogan" stereotype.

Age also affects it too. I know a woman who is close to 100 whose name is Amanda. I do realise that Amanda is a very old name, but most of us would probably associate it with people born in the 80s and 90s. I also know a 16 year old guy named Walter and a 21 year old woman named Virginia.

It happens with ethnic names too. I have a relative named Jamal who has very light skin. A lot of people see Jamal as an exclusively black name.

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