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Subject: Re: What do you think of YOUR name?
Author: Serafina Starstrider   (Authenticated as Serafina Starstrider)
Date: March 28, 2013 at 2:31:57 AM
Reply to: What do you think of YOUR name? by MelissaR
I just wanted to say that I know so many Melissa's, I've known more Melissa's than Jessica's even though supposedly Jessica was more popular in my birth year. I was born in 87 so that was just before Melissa had started plummeting, it was only slowing dropping around when I was born, it was still the number 13 most popular girls name in my birth year.

No offense but the name Melissa peeves me, I don't think it's an ugly name but whenever I say my name like half the time people think I say Melissa and then keep on calling me Melissa instead of my name.

My name is Marisa pronounced mə-RIS-ə but my mother interchanges between calling me mə-RIS-ə and mah-REE-sah. Other than people confusing it for Melissa I absolutely love my name, no offense but I've just always felt that my name was more beautiful and exotic than Melissa and I like that it is much less common. Even though I find my name to be more beautiful than Melissa I do find Melissa to be very pretty and I've always liked the cool vibes that Melissa gives off especially when a Melissa goes by Mel. Melissa seems like the name of a person who is very down to earth, and friendly, and also a little sporty. Melissa isn't too masculine or too feminine, it's a good mix, the Mel part seems more masculine and the issa part is very girly so when combined Melissa is right in the middle. I actually like the name Melissa it just is frustrating when people call you by a name that isn't your own. I'm not cool so Melissa doesn't suit me, Marisa / Marissa has no cool vibes so it feels more right for me. Also Melissa is light and bright and Marisa seems more dark and heavy, Melissa makes me think of sunlight and Marisa seems more like moonlight.

I love that most people know of my name but it is uncommon enough that I've only met like 4 - 6 other Marisa's / Marissa's and I've only met that many people with my name because I'm constantly on the lookout.

I love the meaning of my name, it means of the sea. I happen to have eyes the color of the ocean in Washington state when it is both stormy and sunny out, my eyes are a pale gray-green. I think my name really suits my tan skin, dark brown hair, and green eyes.

My mother says that it was not intentional but I love that I come from a long line of Mar- names. My great-great abuela and great abuela were both named Maria, my nana was born with the name Mariana but went by Marian because she wanted to not stand out so much as being Mexican-American, I have an aunt Mary who had only one child who she named Rachel so she didn't pass down a Mar- name, but my mother instead gave me a Mar name. I'm kind of tempted to use a Mar- name as a first name for a future child but if I don't I at least plan on using one as a mn for one of my future children.


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