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Subject: Re: Hey, Pavlos? I think she's speaking our language... :)
Author: Laura   (guest,
Date: November 5, 2001 at 8:04:24 AM
Reply to: Hey, Pavlos? I think she's speaking our language... :) by Nanaea
Oooh! I didn't get anything like those names... well, something got me Deborah Burlington Welt and Deborah Burt Wellington. I'm not really fond of the name Tobi, but I kind of like Dawnelle Thornberg. Maybe Dawnelle Bito-Thornberg?

I really like Gwendolina Thurber. Hmmm...

Here's some of the other amusing things I got yesterday. I don't remember what words I had put it - I just scribbled down words that either looked promising or funny. I got more of the latter than the former!

Blend truth wool
Blonde utter howl
Dub the troll now

Thrown duel
Dwelt Huron
Hold wet urn

Aunt Arcana Duo
Canada Auto Run

A Canna Tudor
A Duncan Tora (maybe Duncan Atora?)
Draco Annuta
Can a toad run?
Run to Canada
Anaconda Rut
NCAA Rotunda
Dana Can Tour
Canaan Tudor

So maybe I'll just ask the question: "Can a toad run to Canada while holding a wet urn?"

Thank you for the help!! Now to figure out what to actually use...


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