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Subject: frustrated (have to create a name, having problems)
Author: Laura   (guest)
Date: November 4, 2001 at 2:32:36 PM
Help. Obviously I am not familiar with how to create a name in such a way that the root words are recognizable. I'm hoping people out there will take pity on a newbie. :-)

I have to create a name for a project. It has to combine both "owl" and "thunderbolt" (or at least thunder). I've gone through too many languages to remember all of them, and while I did print out a nice 42 page lesson on writing aramaic, I haven't had too much luck with finding words that go well together for my name project. Everything is just too long.

The one I like the best so far is Welsh - Taran meaning thunder, and cuan meaning owl. If I understood the dictionary entries correctly, taranau would be the feminine of thunder, and cuanod the feminine of owl (but I'm not sure I understood it correctly) - so I put them together for Taranaucuanod. See what I mean? Way too long, and for me absolutely unpronouncable (not that I expect to have to pronounce it).

I did kind of like the Inuit words I found - kalluk (thunder) and naataq (owl), but... The Alabama words were nice, too - tokafka and kitini. How do I put them into a name, though??

Any advice will be very much appreciated!!


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