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Given Name LUKE
GENDER: Masculine
PRONOUNCED: LOOK (English)   [key]
Meaning & History
English form of the Greek name Λουκας (Loukas) which meant "from Lucania", Lucania being a region in southern Italy (of uncertain meaning). Saint Luke was a doctor who travelled in the company of Saint Paul. According to tradition, he was the author of the third Gospel and Acts in the New Testament. Due to his renown, the name became common in the Christian world (in various spellings). As an English name, Luke has been in use since the 12th century. A famous fictional bearer was the hero Luke Skywalker from the 'Star Wars' movies.
Related Names
VARIANT: Lucas (English)
DIMINUTIVE: Lucky (English)
OTHER LANGUAGES: Loukas (Biblical Greek), Lucas (Biblical Latin), Lluc (Catalan), Luka (Croatian), Lukáš (Czech), Lukas (Danish), Lucas, Luuk (Dutch), Luukas (Finnish), Luc, Lucas (French), Luka (Georgian), Luca, Lukas (German), Lukács (Hungarian), Lúcás (Irish), Luca (Italian), Lukas (Lithuanian), Luka (Macedonian), Lukas (Norwegian), Łukasz (Polish), Lucas (Portuguese), Luca (Romanian), Luka (Russian), Luka (Serbian), Lukáš (Slovak), Luka (Slovene), Lucas (Spanish), Lukas (Swedish)
United States  ranked #28 
England and Wales  ranked #44 
Canada (BC)  ranked #41 
Australia (NSW)  ranked #66 
Ireland  ranked #7 
Netherlands  ranked #205 
New Zealand  ranked #35 
Northern Ireland  ranked #15 
Scotland  ranked #44