Luca (1)
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Given Name LUCA (1)
GENDER: Masculine
PRONOUNCED: LOO-kah (Italian)   [key]
Meaning & History
Italian and Romanian form of LUKE. This name was borne by Luca della Robbia, a Renaissance sculptor from Florence.
Related Names
VARIANT: Lukas (German)
OTHER LANGUAGES: Luke (Biblical), Loukas (Biblical Greek), Lucas (Biblical Latin), Lluc (Catalan), Luka (Croatian), Lukáš (Czech), Lukas (Danish), Lucas, Luuk (Dutch), Lucas, Luke, Lucky (English), Luukas (Finnish), Luc, Lucas (French), Luka (Georgian), Lukács (Hungarian), Lúcás (Irish), Lukas (Lithuanian), Luka (Macedonian), Lukas (Norwegian), Łukasz (Polish), Lucas (Portuguese), Luka (Russian), Luka (Serbian), Lukáš (Slovak), Luka (Slovene), Lucas (Spanish), Lukas (Swedish)
See Also
Luca (2), Lucà
United States  ranked #185 for boys 
England and Wales  ranked #58 for boys 
Canada (BC)  ranked #64 for boys 
Australia (NSW)  ranked #58 for boys 
Austria  ranked #14 for boys 
Belgium  ranked #28 for boys 
Catalonia  ranked #74 for boys 
France  ranked #100 for boys 
Hungary  ranked #7 for girls 
Ireland  ranked #99 for boys 
Italy  ranked #17 for boys 
Netherlands  ranked #28 for boys 
New Zealand  ranked #39 for boys 
Portugal  ranked #87 for boys 
Scotland  ranked #83 for boys 
Spain  ranked #82 for boys 
Switzerland  ranked #2 for boys