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ScriptsΘεοδωρα Greek
PronouncedPron.thee-ə-DAWR-ə English

Meaning & History

Feminine form of THEODORE. This name was common in the Byzantine Empire, being borne by several empresses including the influential wife of Justinian in the 6th century.
DiminutivesDora, Dorean, Doreen, Doretta, Dorinda, Dorine, Dorita English Dora Greek
Masculine FormsTheodore English Theodoros Greek Theodoros, Theodorus Ancient Greek
Other Languages & CulturesTeodora, Todorka Bulgarian Theda German Teodóra, Dóra, Dorina Hungarian Theódóra, Dóra Icelandic Teodora Italian Teodora, Todorka Macedonian Teodora Polish Teodora Portuguese Teodora Romanian Feodora, Fedora Russian Teodora Serbian Teodora Spanish Teodora, Tea, Thea Swedish
Same SpellingTheódóra
User SubmissionsThéodora, Theodóra


Byzantine empress Theodora, from the Church of San Vitale in RavennaByzantine empress Theodora, from the Church of San Vitale in Ravenna


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