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Meaning & History

Combination of DORA and the name suffix een. The name was (first?) used by novelist Edna Lyall in her novel 'Doreen' (1894).
DiminutivesDoretta, Dorita
Masculine FormsIsadore, Isidore, Theodore
Other Languages & CulturesIsidora, Theodora Ancient Greek Teodora, Todorka Bulgarian Dorotea, Doroteja, Dora, Tea Croatian Dorota Czech Dorothea, Dorte, Dorthe, Ditte, Dorete, Dorit, Ea, Tea, Thea Danish Dorothea, Dora Dutch Tea, Teija, Tiia Finnish Dorothée French Dorothea, Thea, Theda German Theodora, Dora Greek Dorottya, Teodóra, Dóra, Dorina, Dorka, Izidóra Hungarian Theódóra, Dóra Icelandic Dorotea, Teodora, Dora, Doretta, Isidora Italian Dorothea Late Greek Dorotėja, Urtė Lithuanian Dörthe Low German Doroteja, Isidora, Teodora, Todorka Macedonian Dorothea, Ea, Tea, Thea Norwegian Dorota, Teodora, Dosia Polish Doroteia, Isidora, Teodora Portuguese Dorotéia Portuguese (Brazilian) Teodora Romanian Feodora, Fedora, Isidora Russian Doroteja, Isidora, Teodora, Dora Serbian Dorota Slovak Doroteja, Tea, Teja Slovene Dorotea, Isidora, Teodora, Dora, Dorita Spanish Dorotea, Teodora, Ea, Tea, Thea Swedish


Chrono characters, currently out of the US top 1000, Discworld characters, literature, Marvel characters, Philip K Dick characters, song titles, top 10 in Canada
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