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Subject: Re: Name Help #2
Author: Abeni   (guest,
Date: February 24, 2002 at 2:10:49 PM
Reply to: Name Help #2 by Lissa
I personally would forget Kelly, if MIL wants kelly in the name to bad. Its her kid. But to please all I would suggest:
Abigail Rose
or just go with Abigail Grace.

When I think of both those names I think of a distinguised sweet child, and abigal can be abrivated or kept Abigail meaning the child can choose!

Nicknames could be: Abby- Ab- Gail- Gaily.

When I hear Rosemary Kelly they just don't go! Maybe change Kelly a bit?

When I hear Rosemary Kelly: I think of a girl that is oldfashioned, perhapes an outcast. Kelly just doesn't fit.

You Abigail Rosemary is kinda pretty. But I like the first 2 suggestions better, Why doesnt the husband get involved?


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