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Subject: names missing in data base
Author: Agata   (guest,
Date: April 25, 2002 at 6:52:19 PM
ALICJA - Polish form of Alice f

ALA - Polish pet form of Alicja f

JOASIA - Polish pet form of Joanna f

ASIA - Polish shortened form of Joasia f

MALGOSIA - Polish pet form of Malgorzata f

GOSIA - Polish shortened form of Malgosia f

OLIWIA - Polish form of Olivia f

OLA - Polish feminine pet form of Aleksandra f

OLEK - Polish masculine pet form of Aleksander m

ELA - Polish pet form of Elzbieta f

IZA - Polish pet form of Izabela f

JAGODA - f "berry" (Polish) f

(I was bored and all of these are missing - I would appreciate it if you added them sometime, thanks!)

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