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Subject: Re: Difference between Maite and Mayte
Author: Minikui   (guest)
Date: May 22, 2007 at 2:07:03 PM
Reply to: Re: Difference between Maite and Mayte by Lumia
So two names with the same spelling but a different origin, there must be quite a lot of those all around the world :)

But how is Lydia a misspelling? Sorry, but I've just been searching for that name (see post below) and in this case I suppose "Lidia" would be the "misspelling" ;)
Seriously, it is spelled with an "y" because the prononciation is differently in German. It is prononced with an "ü" (or french "u") and not with "ee". I suppose it is closer to the original prononciation (which is supposed to be Λυδία ... but I can't read it ;)

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