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Subject: Re: Does anyone know anything about my name
Author: Michelle   (guest)
Date: February 3, 2004 at 11:21:31 AM
Reply to: Does anyone know anything about my name by Jevonna
Your name may be fairly new. There are a lot of names that are in their first generation and have no actual meanings because they were created using sound alone and not chosen based on any meaning. Does that make any sense?

Perhaps the creator of your name took sounds from pre-existing names to form a new name. If that is the case, then the name would truly have no meaning in a societal sense.

Some names have individual meanings, though. Like, if your father was Charlie and your mother was Brenda, and they called you Charlinda, the meaning would belong to your family alone. There could be another Charlinda who was named for mother Charlene and Aunt Belinda, and so that would be her meaning.

Sorry... lately I've separated myself from purist naming and I've thought about a lot of these abstract, modern qualities of names. This one is more mild than some.

But fret not, fellow namers. I still have the same list.



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