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Subject: And I missed the point of your question...(sorry)
Author: Magia   (guest,
Date: February 9, 2004 at 11:12:53 AM
Reply to: Hard to tell... by Magia
Y for LL is always miss pronounced and it sounds like Enlgish "ee", now days.
-It used to be- that LL was pronounced like Ly, as you pointed out. To be perfectly honest, I had forgotten about that. That is in fact *THE* proper way of pronouncing Spanish Ll. Besides Costaricans, I have NEVER heard anyone say Pollo(chicken) like Pol-yo... I went to "proper speach" class when I was in college and I remember the Spanish expert saying "Ll" should be prnd. "L-Y" but no one ever uses it, there forth it has become "obsolete".

Hope I got it right this time,

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