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Author: raindancing   (Authenticated as raindancing)
Date: October 15, 2005 at 2:12:34 PM
Reply to: Re: Names invented by poets/playwrights/authors by raindancing
These may have already been mention if so sorry

Ornella created by Italian Author Gabriele d'Annunzio
Myra - Fulke Greville
Lucinda - Cervantes
Lorna - R D Blackmore
Haidee - Byron
Eniko - Mihály Vörösmarty
Grazyna - Adam Mickiewicz
Csilla - Mihály Vörösmarty
Caspian - C. S. Lewis
Amanda - Colley Cibber

Also not sure if this is true that Geraldine is an invented name too


Geraldine is the feminine form of Gerald, the English form of an Old Germanic name, Gairovald. Originally it meant “Spear Ruler,” from “ger” (spear) and “wald” (rule).

Geraldine began life as an adjective meaning “of the Fitzgerald family.” It was used in 1540 by Henry Howard Surrey to describe the Lady Elizabeth Fitzgerald. It was used occasionally by other poets until the early 19th century. One of the earliest noted bearers was Geraldina Eugenia Wallace (1811-1820) and Geraldine Jewsbury (born 1812). It was popularized by a character in Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s Christabel (1816).

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