Given Name LUCINDA

GENDER: Feminine
PRONOUNCED: loo-SIN-də (English)  [details]

Meaning & History

An elaboration of LUCIA created by Cervantes for his novel 'Don Quixote' (1605). It was subsequently used by Molière in his play 'The Doctor in Spite of Himself' (1666).
VARIANTS: Lucia (English), Lúcia, Luzia (Portuguese)
MASCULINE FORMS: Lucius (English), Lúcio (Portuguese)
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Lucia, Lucilla (Ancient Roman), Llúcia (Catalan), Luca, Lucija (Croatian), Lucie (Czech), Lucia (Danish), Luus (Dutch), Lucie, Luce, Lucette, Lucile, Lucille, Lucinde (French), Lucia, Luzia (German), Luca (Hungarian), Lucia, Luce, Lucetta, Lucilla (Italian), Lūcija (Latvian), Luus (Limburgish), Liucija (Lithuanian), Lucia (Norwegian), Łucja, Lucja (Polish), Lucia (Romanian), Liùsaidh (Scottish), Lucia (Slovak), Lucija (Slovene), Lucía, Lucila (Spanish), Lucia (Swedish), Lleucu (Welsh)


Cheers characters, currently out of the US top 1000, elaborated form, invented, literature
Entry updated October 11, 2012