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Given Name LUCÍA
GENDER: Feminine
PRONOUNCED: loo-THEE-ah (Spanish), loo-SEE-ah (Latin American Spanish)   [key]
Meaning & History
Spanish and Catalan form of LUCIA
Related Names
VARIANT: Llúcia (Catalan)
DIMINUTIVE: Lucila (Spanish)
MASCULINE FORM: Lucio (Spanish)
OTHER LANGUAGES: Lucia, Lucilla (Ancient Roman), Luca, Lucija (Croatian), Lucie (Czech), Lucia (Danish), Luus (Dutch), Lucia, Lucinda, Lucy, Lucetta, Lucile, Lucille (English), Lucie, Lucinde, Luce, Lucette, Lucile, Lucille (French), Lucia, Luzia (German), Luca (Hungarian), Lucia, Luce, Lucilla (Italian), Luus (Limburgish), Lucinda (Literature), Liucija (Lithuanian), Lucia (Norwegian), Łucja, Lucja (Polish), Lúcia, Lucinda, Luzia (Portuguese), Lucia (Romanian), Liùsaidh (Scottish), Lucia (Slovak), Lucija (Slovene), Lucia (Swedish), Lleucu (Welsh)
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United States  ranked #230 
England and Wales  ranked #169 
Catalonia  ranked #7 
Croatia  ranked #95 
France  ranked #455 
Galicia  ranked #4 
Netherlands  - 
New Zealand  - 
Northern Ireland  ranked #84 
Portugal  ranked #96 
Scotland  ranked #98 
Spain  ranked #1