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Given Name LUCIE
GENDER: Feminine
USAGE: French, Czech
PRONOUNCED: luy-SEE (French), luw-TSI-e (Czech)   [key]
Meaning & History
French and Czech form of LUCIA.
Related Names
VARIANTS: Luce, Lucinde (French)
DIMINUTIVES: Lucette, Lucille (French)
OTHER LANGUAGES: Lucia, Lucilla (Ancient Roman), Llúcia, Lucía (Catalan), Luca, Lucija (Croatian), Lucia (Danish), Luus (Dutch), Lucia, Lucinda, Lucy, Lucetta, Lucile, Lucille (English), Lucia, Luzia (German), Luca (Hungarian), Lucia, Luce, Lucilla (Italian), Luus (Limburgish), Lucinda (Literature), Liucija (Lithuanian), Lucia (Norwegian), Łucja, Lucja (Polish), Lúcia, Lucinda, Luzia (Portuguese), Lucia (Romanian), Liùsaidh (Scottish), Lucia (Slovak), Lucija (Slovene), Lucía, Lucila (Spanish), Lucia (Swedish), Lleucu (Welsh)
United States  - 
England and Wales  ranked #242 
Belgium  ranked #7 
Czech Republic  ranked #14 
France  ranked #22 
Netherlands  ranked #434 
Northern Ireland  - 
Scotland  ranked #98 
Switzerland  ranked #80