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Subject: Re: I give you the Scrooge Response ...
Author: Devonelisa   (Authenticated as Devonelisa)
Date: May 31, 2004 at 11:52:39 AM
Reply to: I give you the Scrooge Response ... by Anneza
This is our 8th and all of them have 3 names. We're running out of names at this point LOL We both have them too - Dh is Mark Vincent Emil and my full is Amy Devon Elizabeth. The third mn is always a reflection of their ethnicity - Kai, Sandor, Zoltan, Iosefo, Elisapeta, Aladar, Mariska and....

Annuska is Hungarian, diminutive nickname (officially, fortunately Hungarian bureacracy can't reach us in England) of Anna, my grandmother's name.

I have a think of subtlety but appropriateness so anything obvious like Natalie, Holly, Ivy, Mary, Merry, Christmas, Christ-anything, Joseph, all out of the question. I might think about Balthasar though ;o) For me it's more Tessa, Clara, Stella, Tasha, Helen...names that 'feel' warm to me. My BIL born around the same time this one is due is named Warwick. Not 'Christmasy' to most but I picture red berries for some reason and think his name is very December appropriate LOL....what can I say, we have 8 kids so I'm clearly a bit on the 'weird' side ;o)


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