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Subject: Re: Lisa... or L'isa?
Author: Silver   (guest)
Date: July 1, 2004 at 6:39:06 PM
Reply to: Re: Lisa... or L'isa? by Dayna
Basically two people that get stuck on a Grail quest. One of the main character's grandfather passed on and leaves a series of cryptic messages for her to find the Grail, despite a falling out she had with her grandfather, who had raised her. The book goes on the basis that the theory of Jesus' descendants marrying into French royalty happened, but the religious symbology and other various snipets of information I learned was astronomical. I plan on buying several books on the theories of the Knights Templar and the Sangreal documents to further my interests now. There was a particular tv show, that Da Vinci Code or something like that on I believe A&E. It reflected the idea of Mary Magdalene as the Grail, the Gnostic and Dead Sea scrolls as accurate reflections of Jesus' life. Did you know Mary Magdalene wrote a book of the bible that was taken out of the bible by Emporer Constantine of Rome? When Emperor Constantine decided to change Rome from pagan to Christian, he and his council voted that Jesus was to be seen as immortal and the son of God. The testements were changed to say that Jesus was the immortal son of God, and all human characteristics and interchanges were removed. The idea that Jesus was married was considered inappropriate to the emerging church which worked around a patriarchy, so the Gnostic scrolls and testments in the Dead Sea Scrolls were systimatical rounded up and burned. Anyways, this isn't really a good place to be discussing this, religion is a touchy subject. I sugest you read the book, and take any chances to learn about the true history of the Christian religion.


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