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PronouncedPron.KAWNS-tən-teen English

Meaning & History

From the Latin name Constantinus, a derivative of CONSTANS. Constantine the Great (272-337) was the first Roman emperor to adopt Christianity. He moved the capital of the empire from Rome to Byzantium, which he renamed Constantinople (modern Istanbul).
Other Languages & CulturesKostandin Albanian Konstantin, Kosta, Kostadin Bulgarian Constantijn, Stijn Dutch Constantin French Konstantine Georgian Konstantin German Konstantinos, Gus Greek Konstantin Hungarian Costantino Italian Constantinus Late Roman Konstantin, Kostadin Macedonian Konstantyn Polish Constantin, Costache, Costel, Costică, Costin, Dinu Romanian Konstantin, Kostya Russian Konstantin Serbian Kostyantyn Ukrainian Cystennin Welsh


Portion of a statue of Constantine the GreatPortion of a statue of Constantine the Great


athletes, currently out of the US top 1000, DC Comics characters, emperors, kings, Muppets, nobility, Orthodox Saints, saints, world leaders
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