GENDER: Masculine
PRONOUNCED: kon-stahn-TEEN (Romanian), kawn-stawn-TEN (French)   [key]
Meaning & History
Romanian and French form of Constantinus (see CONSTANTINE).
Related Names
VARIANT: Costache (Romanian)
DIMINUTIVES: Costel, Costică, Costin, Dinu (Romanian)
OTHER LANGUAGES: Kostandin (Albanian), Konstantin, Kosta, Kostadin (Bulgarian), Constantijn, Stijn (Dutch), Constant (English), Konstantine (Georgian), Konstantin (German), Konstantinos, Gus (Greek), Constantine (History), Konstantin (Hungarian), Costantino, Costanzo (Italian), Constans, Constantinus, Constantius (Late Roman), Konstantin (Macedonian), Konstanty, Konstantyn (Polish), Konstantin, Kostya (Russian), Konstantin (Serbian), Kostyantyn (Ukrainian), Cystennin (Welsh)