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Subject: Re: Jewish naming customs
Author: Miss Claire   (Authenticated as Miss Claire)
Date: September 7, 2004 at 11:35:38 AM
Reply to: Re: Jewish naming customs by Anthony
True. Most Jewish people not living in Israel will give 2 names, a religious and a secular, two their children.
Sometimes the secular will be the English/French/whatever version of the religious (Mary Miriam), or the translation (Belle Yaffa), or just begin with the same letter (Mathilde Michal), or sound a bit alike (Andrew Dror), or they’ll not be related but the religious name will be the name of a grandparent (Claire Rahel for me lol).

The full religious name is, for men: [religious name] ben [religious name of the father], meaning X son of Y.
For example my dad = Yehiel ben Moshe
Women have two names: [religious name] bat [religious name of the father] and [religious name] bat [religious name of the mother], meaning X daughter of Y.
For example me = Rahel bat Yehiel, or Rahel bat Miriam
Nowadays a man would never be called X ben [mother name] unless he was an illegitimate child or his father converted to another religion or was excommunicated, 3 most horrible things that he wouldn’t want to show off anyway. In Biblical times it was a bit different, the son of a very great woman (Batyah, Moshe’s sister Miriam…) could be called “son of [mother name]”.

Jesus would have been: Yehoshua ben Yosef. Well, unless you believe he is the son of God, then he would be Yehoshua ben Miriam? This one is tricky.

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