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Subject: Re: Are these names made up?
Author: Elea   (Authenticated as Elea)
Date: February 18, 2007 at 3:10:07 AM
Reply to: Are these names made up? by The LP
They all look like misspellings to me. It is quite common for registrars to mispell names on baptism/marriage records. I've seen Methuselah spelt Matthewsella before. Often names were latinised in the records and also contracted i.e William -Gulielmus-Guliel/Gul. Add a misspelling on top of that and it can seem quite confusing. The best thing is to sound them out and see if they resemble 'common' names.

You haven't given the sex so I will have to guess the following.

Shadrick - a mispelling of Shadrach - I one have in my family tree as well with several mispellings.

Brosius - Most likely Ambrose having been latinised into Ambrosius and then contracted.

Andro - most likely a mispelling of Andrew -very popular name in Scotland.

Ahnes - Is this males or female? If male I would guess this is a contraction of Johannes (I've seen Jannes before). So depending on where this person was born his name was 'John' (or whatever the form of John was for his country) in everyday life)

Derrodea - When sounded out this seems like Dorothea (or possibly Dorothy). But it would depend on the country they were born in to see if 'd' is a likely replacement for 'th'.

Eilalia -Probably a misspelling of Eulalia, I don't know whether there is a German equivalent or whether the name was simply Eulalia.

I'd need to know the sexes and place of birth in order to help you with the others.

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