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Subject: Julia Elisabeth's Congrats, round 12
Author: Julia Elisabeth   (Authenticated as Dahlis)
Date: February 14, 2013 at 3:16:32 PM
Round 12 has arrived!

This round, your youngest child have met a special someone, and you have also got between three and five grandchildren (most of you got four, unless you requested otherwise).

Your oldest child had a child with her new SO, and for that child goes:
FN rules: As his/her older siblings have names in the order of the alphabet, so does this child. So if their siblings' FNs started with A respectively B, this child's FN will start with C. If their siblings' FNs started with J respectively K, this child's FN will start with L.
MN rules: Ranked 900-1000 on this list:

Your fourth child also had a new child, and we are going to continue with the super special naming rules for them!
FN rules: Is an adjective. (An adjective a describing word, such as "beautiful", "yellow" or "rigid".)
MN rules: Is a noun. (A noun is an object, place, animal etc.)

Your youngest child's SO:
FN rules: Is a nickname.
MN rules: Of Hawaiian origin.
Surname rules: Found this list of surnames that are often ridiculed! Here you go: Aboagye, Aisthorpe, Beauchamp, Bena, Berry, Cock, Cockett, Cosham, Cumming, Element, Everhard, Forth, Kasecamp, Kenny, Kit, Large, Longbottom, Lyskava, Or, Rosbottom, Rowsell, Salom, Sultana, Trout, Van Nutt, Woolfson

For the rest of the children, choose freely amongst these rules:

1. (Boys only) FN rules: I was just thinking the other day that there are so many nice, male names that starts with V! Here is a name bank for ya:
Valdemar, Valentine/Valentino/Valentyn, Valerian, Valter, Vasco, Victor/Viktor, Viggo, Vincent/Vicente, Vivian, Vladimir
MN rules: Any of the international variations of the names of the Twelve apostles in the Bible: Andrew, Bartholomew, James, John, Judas, Matthew, Peter, Philip, Simon, Thaddeus, Thomas

2. (Girls only) FN rules: Is a jewel or a gem or precious metal. Look at this list for inspirations:
MN rules: Ends in -ia.

3. FN rules: On the "Most Exotic" side of this list:
MN rules: Has a double letter in it, like HaNNa or DesirEE.

4. FN rules: On the top of this list:
MN rules: On the bottom of this list:

Just let me know if I made any spelling mistakes or forgot to give you additions. :)

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Username: A
H: Alaric Kellan Bray
W: Alexanderia Ariadne Schütz Bray

-D1: Astoria Jade Bray Shyamalan "Story"
--ex-fiancée: Frédéric Kellan Skarsgård
---S1: Alexander Henric Skarsgård "Xander"
---S2: Blaine Francis Skarsgård
--H: Xenon Night Shyamalan "Xen"

-D2: Anastasiya Lyon Bray Russo "Stasi"
--H: Stellan Taylor Axel Russo
---S1: Jett Orion Russo
---S2: Oleander Illiam Russo "Lee"
---D1: Dahlia Alexandrine Russo

-S1: Ace Stark Bray
--W: Táhirih Autherine Fraser Bray
---S1: Colin Evander Bray
---D1: Ileana Autumn Bray

-S2: Tane Hendrix Bray (Zion and Ryo's triplet)
--W: Melina Nicoletta Vecchi Bray
---S1: Kyd Miller Bray

-S3: Zion Marley Bray (Tane and Ryo's triplet)
--W: Kateri Prathia Messersmith Bray "Kat"
---D1: Demetria Alyssa Bray "Demi"

-S4: Ryo Jagger Bray (Tane and Zion's triplet)
--W: Roxelana Lucy Bishop Bray "Roxie"
---S1: Ramsey Cato Bray

-S5: Ikaika Maverick Bray "Kai"


Username: Bex
DH: Finnegan Luka O'Hara (28)
DW: Alexandria Aurelia O'Hara (25)

-D1: Henrietta Scarlet "Etta"
--ex-fiancée: Wilhelmina Adele Hathaway
---D1: Aurelia Elin
---D2: Briony Rowan
--SO: Zaccheus Bela Karloff

-S1: Seamus Conall
--SO: Seraphine Tallulah Amelie Rogers
---S1: Scout Ossian
---S2: Bartholomew Ulliam "Barty"
---D1: Hilda Niamh

-D2: Beatrice Lilja
--SO: Edward Winson Bishop
---D1: Marisol Arabella

-S2: Adlai Wolfram (Jago's twin)
--SO: Eseld Merryn Teague
---S1: Ocean Midnight

-S3: Jago Lycus (Adlai's twin)
--SO: Elizabeth "Betty" Septima Tedder
---D1: Liaden Isolde
---D2: Esther Ailis
---D3: Peony Harriet

-D3: Rosalind Adelaide


Username: CarolinW
LN: Summerson
DH: Kellan Ibrahim
DW: Alessia Anastasia

-D1: Cecilia Emerald
--ex-DH: Belial Hoyt Hathaway
---S1: Kellan Severin
---D1: Lucinda Kelsey
---SO: Zohar John Bankhead

-D2: Sakura Mariposa
--DH: Stellan Tyler Amadeus Richards
---S1: Scout Oliver
---D1: Theodosia Alexandrine

-D3: Charlotte Lilja
--DH: Napoleon Clyde Merriweather
---D1: Socorra Aurora
---D2: Magdalena Kelsey

-D4: Soraya Eusphrosyne (Anahera and Naveed's triplet)
--DH: Prasad Anupam Mehra
---S1: Egypt Sparrow

-D5: Anahera Eurydice (Soraya and Naveed's triplet)
--DH: William Stetson Fraser
---S1: Aonghus Octavio
---S2: Alexander Wiremu
---D1: Teresa Cerys

-S1: Naveed Erebus (Soraya and Anahera's triplet)
--DG: Josepha Septima Nutini
---D1: Caoimhe Thessaly

-S2: Zuberi Maverick


Username: Cat/Dog Mad
LN: Holmwood
DBF: Tristan John
DGF: Alessandra Agostina Cavalli

-D1: Natalia Rose
--ex-fiancée: Ilario Stefan Facinelli
---D1: Trista Ven
---S1: Uriah Leslie
--SO: Zander John DiCaprio

-S1: Luka Bear
--DW: Simone Talia Annabelle Ryder
---S1: Lance Romeo
---D1: Xanthe Aliana
---S2: Evan Godfrey

-D2: Delia Juli
--DH: Martin Kennedy Sharpe
---D1: Marisol Isabella
---D2: Aster Louise

-S2: Ismael Adir (Pascoe's twin)
--DW: Taisiya Esfir Kozlov
---D1: Sunday Rose

S3: Pascoe Jian (Ismael's twin)
--Dbf: Albert Clyde Winter
---D1: Shevon Octavia Persephone
---S1: Sebastian Liam Ulick

-D3: Kalliope Mace


Username: chrissalynn
Dbf: Everett Justin "Rett" Poe
Dgf: Oleska Octavia "Lesa" Skytte

-D1: Luciana Ivory Jade "Lux" Hathaway-Poe
--ex-DW: Megaera Dawn Hathaway-Poe
---S1: Rhett Zlatan Hathaway-Poe
---S2: ???? Hathway-Poe
--SO: See round 11 rules

-D2: Susanne Terese Lontra "Sana" [Poe] Roberts
--DH: Samson Thomas Alexander Roberts "Sonny"
---S1: See round 9 rules
---S2: See round 10 rules

-S1: Ethan Tio Svart Poe
--DW: Victoria Marvel "Ora" [Flowers] Poe
---S1: See round 9 rules
---D1: See round 10 rules

-S2: Jory Lucius Presley Poe (Tane's twin)
--SO: See round 10 rules
---D1: See round 11 rules

-S3: Tane Uri Lennon Poe (Jory's twin)
--DW: Elizabeth Septima "Betsy" [Sharpe] Poe
---D1: See round 9 rules
---S1: See round 11 rules

-S4: Kelly Chariton Milenko Poe


Username: CN
LN: Summerson
SO1: Isidore Bruce "Izzy"
SO2: Sandrine Soleil [nee Fairfax]

-D1: Matilda Ivory "Tillie" Summerson
--ex-fiancée: Ivor Benedict Bellefleur
---D1: Dora Viske
---S1: Esaias Darcy
--SO: Zaccheus Thurl Redgrave

-S1: Wanderlei Cobra "Lei" Summerson
--SO: Sophia Teresa Alice Riber
---S1: Archer Calisto "Archie"
---S2: Aloysius Wilkin "Aly"
---D1: Camellia Justine "Cammie"

-D2: Florentina Himmel "Flora" Lambert [nee Summerson]
--SO: Napoleon Clyde Lambert "Leo"
---D1: May Victoria
---D2: Esther Alastriona
---D3: Iris Marie-Anne

-D3: Kerensa Futura "Ensie" Summerson (Addie's twin)
--SO: Pierrick "Rick" Roudaut
---S1: Sage Midnight

-S2: Adlai Les Paul "Addie" Summerson (Ensie's twin)
--SO: Katarina Marvel Murs
---D1: Jamesina Io "Jamesie"
---S1: Louisiana Golden "Louie" (ATTENTION: You named your son Louisiana Golden. This is fine with me, but since it is such a feminine name, I figured you might have mistaken him for a girl. Feel free to change it or keep it.)

-S3: Valentin Morgan Summerson


Username: Diamante04
DW: Helena Carrie 'Laine' (di Rosa)
DH: Jacob Joseph O'Hara

-D1: Natalia Rose
--ex-fiancée: Gabriel Roman Facinelli
---S1: Joseph Elias
---D1: Katherine Dana 'Kate'
--SO: Xander John Estevez

-D2: Ángela Ariella (You visited Lima, Peru)
--DH: Spencer Travis Aidan Riggs
---S1: Jet Lorenzo
---D1: Zoe Alexandra
---S2: Evan Joseph

-D3: Gabriela Lila
--DH: John Stetson Lambert
---D1: Mariska Eleonora
---D2: Sydney Scarlet

-S1: Matiu Christopher 'Matt' (Nayeli's twin)
--DW: Sofía Cristina (Altamira)
---S1: Michael James

-D4: Nayeli Mariska (Matt's twin)
--DH: Benjamin Cleveland Winter "Ben"
---D1: Kelly Cassandra
---S1: Alexander William 'Xander'
---D2: Sonya Maisie

-D5: Conrad Brayden


Username: Dracotorix
SO1: Tristan Peter Holmwood
SO2: Alexandria Anne Cavalli

-D1: Isadora Crimson
--ex-fiancée: Salvador Godric Mazur
---D1: Anneka Svedala
---S1: Branaric Rowan
--SO: Zephyros Night Ravenscroft

-S1: Gautam Hawk
--SO: Saskia Tamsin Alders-Rowan
---S1: Lance Octavian
---D1: Persephone Alira
---D2: Hyacinth Éléonore

-S2: Haidar Stark
--SO: Charles Esau Merriweather
---D1: Maria Seraphine
---D2: Avalon Eurydice
---D3: Jane Cerys

-S3: Kenji Apollo (Kaede's twin, adopted from Portland, Oregon)
--SO: Nicola Raphaela Hartmann
---S1: Egypt Ocean

-D2: Kaede Artemis (Kenji's twin, adopted from Portland, Oregon)
--SO: William Hosea Sharpe
---D1: Rhiannon Pandora
---S1: Alabaster Gwillym

-D3: Valora Morgane


Username: Eilis
DH: Rhys Gordon Poe
DW: Sandrine Susannah "Sandy" (Bauer) Poe

-D1: Matilda Cerise "Tillie"
--ex-fiancée: Florian Benedict "Flori" Lafayette
---S1: Rhys Nils "Nils"
---S2: Solomon Maria "Sol"
--SO: Xavier David Garbo

-D2: Antonia Tern "Tone"
--SO: Samuel Thorbjorn Albrecht "Samu" Rupertsson
---S1: Timur Oskari
---S2: Immanuel Guillaume "Manny"
---S3: Aron Reuben

-S1: Ismo Vilja
--SO: Elizabeth Septima (Bishop)
---D1: Marine Katharina
---S1: Cyprus Clement "Cy"

-S2: Hemi Emmanuel (Zola and Abra's triplet)
--SO: Aamu Inkeri Niemi
---D1: Rose Sage

-D3: Zola Elaine (Hemi and Abra's triplet)
--SO: Richard Hosea "Rich" Winter
---S1: Pol Nestor
---D1: Petra Albertine
---S2: Radogost Merit "Rado"

-D4: Abra Evelyn (Hemi and Zola's triplet)
--SO: Albert Clyde "Al" Fraser
---D1: Fidelma Philomena "Del"
---D2: Patricia Florence "Patty"

-S3: Conrad Marik "Connie"


Username: Emily
SO1: Ewan Bruce Marley
SO2: Alessia Arwen Marley

-D1: Guinevere Ione Marley
--ex-fiancée: Njal Felix Skarsgård
---D1: Eugenie Alexandra Skarsgård
---D2: Freya Noel Skarsgård
--SO: Zachary Thurl Ravenscroft

-S1: Vinh Leonidas Marley
--SO: Sidonie Theodora Adele Rocca
---S1: Marshall Ottavio Marley
---D1: Corinna Alice Marley

-S2: Johan Fredag Marley
--SO: Malcolm Hosea Bishop
---D1: Maren Juliana Bishop
---D2: Roma Theresa Bishop
---S1: Ivan Victor Bishop

-D2: Zola Juniper Marley (Kerensa's twin)
--SO: Natalya Nikolaevna Tolstaya
---D1: Blue Egypt Tolstoy

-D3: Kerensa Primrose Marley (Zola's twin)
--SO: Theodore Stetson Flowers
---D1: Honora Juno Flowers
---S1: York James Flowers
---S2: Thomas Archie Flowers

-D4: Ingrid Montag Marley


Username: Eris
Dbf: Tristan John Westwick
Dgf: Alexina Amabel Bray

-D1: Aurelia Violet Westwick
--ex-fiancée: Sebastián Felix Hathaway
---S1: Alexander Elias Hathaway
---D1: Bryony Meredith Hathaway
--DH: Zachary Edward Ravenscroft

-D2: Katja Raven Westwick
--DH: Sean Tristan Adair Redmond
---S1: Garrison Cosmo Redmond
---S2: Demetrius William Redmond
---D1: Dahlia Alexandrine Redmond

-D3: Kyra Lilja Westwick
--Dbf: Darwin Kennard Sharpe
---D1: Maren Victoria Sharpe

-S1: Jago Linus Westwick (Maiara and Jory's triplet)
--Dgf: Adora Leocadia Villaverde Rodriguez
---D1: Athanasia Robin Westwick Villaverde

-D4: Maiara Leto Westwick (Jago and Jory's triplet)
--DW: Amelia Marvel Merriweather
---D1: Ríona Ariadne Westwick
---D2: Chara Alina Westwick

-S2: Jory Leander Westwick (Jago and Maiara's triplet)
--DW: Marie Septima Winter
---D1: Aislinn Thessaly Winter
---S1: Caspian Storm Winter
---S2: Odin Victor Winter

-S3: Conall Morgan Westwick


Username: estel
DH: Ewan Michael Reznik
DW: Alexa Ashlyn (Nickleby) Reznik

-D1: Josephine Ruby (Reznik) Ravenscroft "Josie"
--ex-fiancée: Ruslan Dimitri Ozera
---D1: Aleksandra Elin Ozera "Allie"
---D2: Bettina Cameron Ozera
--DH: Zachary Pierce Ravenscroft

-S1: Jakob Laon Reznik "Jake"
--DW: Sophia Taylor-Anne Ryan
---S1: Scout Antonio Reznik
---D1: Chloe Alessandra Reznik
---S2: Dominik Aiden Reznik "Dom"

-S2: Lukas Arken Reznik
--DW: Catherine Marvel (Lambert) "Catie"
---D1: Marisol Josephine Reznik "Sola"
---D2: Jasmine Louise Reznik "Minnie"

-S3: Tane William Reznik (Kaori and Zuri's triplet, adopted from Las Vegas, Nevada)
--DW: Eira Morwen (Crewe) Reznik
---S1: Egypt Sage Reznik

-D2: Kaori Maryann Reznik (Tane and Zuri's triplet, adopted from Las Vegas, Nevada)
--DH: Henry Winson Sharpe
---D1: Aileen Cassandra Sharpe
---S1: Alexander William Sharpe "Alex"

-D3: Zuri Kathryn Reznik (Tane and Kaori's triplet, adopted from Las Vegas, Nevada)
--DH: John Stetson Fraser
---D1: Rowan Lilith Fraser
---S1: York Hudson Fraser
---S2: Abram Reuben Fraser

-S4: Gabriel Murhpy Reznik "Gabe"


Username: findthesea
LN: Ström-Reznik
DH: Ewan Frank
DH: James Jeremiah "Jamie"

-D1: Susannah Marigold "Sunny" Ström-Reznik-Hathaway
--ex-DW: Ila Fiona Ström-Reznik-Hathaway
---D1: Lily Viske Ström-Reznik-Hathaway
---D2: Moira Keshet Ström-Reznik-Hathaway
--Dgf: Zenovia Honeysuckle Van Damme

-S1: Linus Coyote
--DW: Sylvaine Therese Amandine (Renaud) Ström-Reznik
---S1: Flint Nico Ström-Reznik
---D1: Maria Alexandra Ström-Reznik

-S2: Noel Blåaste
--Dgf: Isadora Modjeska Prathia Flowers
---D1: Miriam Tallulah Ström-Reznik
---S1: Emiliano Wilkin Ström-Reznik
---D2: Calla Lily Alexandrine Ström-Reznik

-D2: Zipporah Mayflower "Zippy" (Pascoe's twin)
--Dbf: Taras Ivan Zelenko
---S1: Egypt Ocean Zelenko

-S3: Pascoe Hawthorn (Zippy's twin)
--DW: Amelia Autherine (Bishop) Ström-Reznik
---D1: Fionnuala Signy Ström-Reznik
---D2: Isadora Niamh Ström-Reznik

-S4: Gerard Mittermeier


Username: Flute
DBf: Everett Nathan Poe
DGf: Sandrine Sorcha Fairfax

-D1: Josephine Claret Poe "Posy"
--ex-fiancée: Frederic Zander Bellefleur
---S1: Zander Oxie Bellefleur
---S2: Alasdair Robin Bellefleur
--SO: See round 11 rules

-D2: Malin Skylark Poe
--DGf: Solene Tansy Adria Renaud
---S1: Sailor Enzo Renaud-Poe
---S2: Zachariah William Renaud-Poe
---S3: See round 11 rules

-S1: Oswin Fredag Poe
--Dgf: Joan Marvel Bishop
---D1: Maria Jasmine Poe
---S1: See round 11 rules

-D3: Abra Kerrera Poe (Zipporah's twin, adopted from Miami, Florida)
--DH: Dafydd Llywelyn Price
---S1: See round 11 rules

-D4: Zipporah Iona Poe (Abra's twin, adopted from Miami, Florida)
--DH: Louis Clyde Winter
---D1: Sorcha Thessaly Winter
---D2: Martha Alison
---D3: See round 11 rules

-S2: Kendrick Murphy Poe


Username: **Hiddlestoner_26**
DH: Alaric Chester Ström "Ricky"
DW: Alexandrine Amalia (Bauer) "Lexa"

-D1: Natalia Scarlett "Talia"
--ex-DH: Sten Eric Skarsgård
---D1: Alexis Freja "Alex"
---D2: Brynja Lauren "Bryn"
--SO: Zane Benedict Cumberbatch

-S1: Corin Bjorn
--DW: Sigrid Tordis Alva (Ragnvaldsson)
---S1: Gunner Odin
---S2: Sebastian Liam
---S3: Elis Godfrey

-D2: Penelope Lilja "Nella"
--DH: Henry Winson Sharpe
---D1: Mariska Arabella

-S2: Jory Conrad (Enoch and Zion's triplet)
--SO: Nataliya Irina (Romanova) "Natalie"
---D1: Rose Nicole

-S3: Enoch Baldwin (Jory and Zion's triplet)
--DW: Joan Prathia (Winter) "Joni"
---D1: Fiona Signy
---S1: Raleigh James
---S2: Adam Benjamin

-S4: Zion Wyot (Jory and Enoch's triplet)
--DW: Elizabeth Lucy (Hassle)
---D1: Isla Aurelia
---D2: Sophia Allison

-S5: Beaumont Morgan "Beau"


Username: Jessamine
DH: Everett Stefan Cavalli
DW: Alexandra Anne {Bauer} Cavalli

-D1: Susannah Hazel Cavalli "Sanna"
--ex-fiancée: Hadar Abraham Heyerdahl
---S1: Alexander Elias Heyerdahl
---D1: Breanne Leslie Heyerdahl
--Dbf: Zachary Arnold Little

-D2: Sophie Linnet {Cavalli} Roderick
--DH: Sebastian Thomas Aaron Roderick
---S1: Garrison Milo Roderick
---D1: Zoe Alison Roderick

-S1: Quentin Himmel Cavalli
--DW: Elizabeth Septima {Flowers} Cavalli "Eliza"
---D1: Maisie Anastasia Cavalli
---S1: Sage Michael Cavalli

-S2: Enoch Roan Cavalli (Javed's twin)
--DW: Shani Hadassah {Lehrer} Cavalli
---S1: Ezra Joseph Cavalli

-S3: Javed Aron Cavalli (Enoch's twin)
--DW: Margaret Lucy {Merriweather} Cavalli "Maggie"
---D1: Moira Penelope Cavalli
---S1: Zachariah William Cavalli "Zach"
---D2: Peony Virginia Cavalli

-D3: Thalia Morgan Cavalli


Username: Julia Elisabeth
SO1 (63) Donovan Theo Holmwood "Don"
SO2 (60) Jakub Jaromír Rezník "Jake"

-D1 (38) Isadora Lavender (Holmwood, Edgington) Staite "Sadie" (Boise, Idaho)
--ex-H (48) Remus Xavier Edgington
---D1 (15) Theokleia Himle Edgington "Theo"
---S1 (13) Ulysses Morgan Edgington
--H (33) Zorion Scatman Staite "Zee"
---D2 (2)

-S1 (36) Evangelos Conan Holmwood "Evan" (Athens, Greece)
--W (38) Soraya Tamsin (Ackerman-Rudd) Holmwood
---S1 (6) Javelin Hugo Holmwood "Jace"
---S2 (4) Romany Montecristo Holmwood "Roe"
---S3 (3) Ezar Ambrose Holmwood
---D1 (1)

-S2 (31) Rafael Arken Holmwood (New York)
--Bf (29) Christopher Stetson Messersmith
---D1 (7) Miriam Francesca Messersmith-Holmwood

-S3 (27) Hemi Orion Holmwood-Fausti (Nella and Ash's triplet, adopted from Indianapolis, Indiana)
--DH (28) Ettore Valerio Holmwood-Fausti
---S1 (3) Science Jamie Holmwood-Fausti "Sci"
---S2 (1)

-D2 (27) Nayeli Arista Holmwood "Nella" (Hemi and Ash's triplet, adopted from Indianapolis, Indiana)
--H (27) Newton Hosea Sharpe
---D1 (6) Lilias Ariadne Sharpe "Lily"
---S1 (4) Leonidas Willem Sharpe "Leo"
---D2 (3) Aira Amity Sharpe
---S2 (nb)

S4 (27) Avishai Rigel Holmwood "Ash" (Hemi and Nella's triplet, Indianapolis, Indiana)
--W (28) Alberta Autherine Holmwood-Sorcha "Allie"
---D1 (8) Elva Aurelia Holmwood
---D2 (5) Melissa Amelie Holmwood
---D3 (3) Iris Alexandrine Holmwood
---D4 (1)

-S5 (24) Zain Llewellyn Holmwood


Username: Kaesy
DH: Alaric Neil Fairfax
DW: Sondra Scarlett [Bauer] Fairfax

-D1: Olympia Jade
--ex-DH: Diederik Dimitri Edgington
---S1: Richard Elias
---S2: Simon Leslie
--bf: Zechariah Wayne Woodward

-D2: Ilona Wren
--bf: Sebastian Titus Alonzo Reid
---S1: Garrison Leo
---D1: Leia Alison
---D2: Lavender Elisa

-D3: Serenity Lilja
--fiancée: Nathan Clyde Winter
---D1: Miriam Isadora
---D2: Verona Morgan
---S1: Damian Bruce

-D4: Penrose Terra (Lystra and Elowen's triplet)
--DH: Gareth Mervyn Pugh
---S1: Sparrow Sage

-D5: Lystra Meri (Penrose and Elowen's triplet)
--bf: Marcus Winson Munther
---S1: Iain Atticus
---S2: Ezekiel Gwillym
---S3: Aron Godrey

-D6: Elowen Alya (Penrose and Lystra's triplet)
--DH: Christopher Hosea Sharpe
---D1: Eileen Cassandra

-S1: Conall Morgan


Username: Kelsey
SO1: Elena Elizabeth Holmwood

-D1: Francesca Jade (adopted from Albaquerque, New Mexico)
--ex-fiancée: Easton Gilbert Hathaway
---D1: Elizabeth Ali "Ali" Hathaway
---D2: Felicity Taylor
--SO: Zachary John Stamos

-S1: Kristjan Jay (adopted from Reykjavík, Iceland)
--DW: Samantha Taylor Alexandria (Rossell) Holmwood
---S1: Gunner Matteo
---S2: Alexander William
---S3: Samuel Fraser

-S2: Thomas Stark (adopted from San Francisco, California)
--DW: Anastasia Lucy (Sorcha) Holmwood
---D1: Marisol Catherine
---S1: Sydney Hudson "Hudson"

-S3: Hiroshi Ezra (Shiro and Kenji's triplet, adopted from Tampa Bay, Florida)
--DW: Adriana Francesca (Cortazzo) Holmwood
---D1: Sunday Rose

-S4: Shiro Emmanuel (Hiroshi and Kenji's triplet, adopted from Tampa Bay, Florida)
--DW: Amelia Kennedy (Lambert) Holmwood
---D1: Caitlin Aurelia
---S1: Memphis James

-S5: Kenji Elijah (Hiroshi and Shiro's triplet, adopted from Tampa Bay, Florida)
--DH: Mark Hudson Fraser
---D1: Kiera Lilith
---D2: Catalina Amber "Caty"
---S1: Owen Victor

-D2: Clare Morgan (adopted from Kabletown, Virginia)


Username: LadyBug
DH: Donovan Emmet Nickleby
DW: Alandra Abilene (Bauer) Nickleby

-D1: Josephine Ruby (Nickleby) Westenra "Posy"
--ex-H: Somerled Alaric Westenra
---S1: Emmet Henric Westenra
---D1: Flora Jocelyn Westenra
--H: Zebulon Thurl Ravenscroft "Zeb"

-D2: Kathleen Robin (Nickleby) Radcliff "Kate"
--H: Sawyer Travis Alden Radcliff
---S1: Garrison Angelo Radcliff
---D1: Melina Allison Radcliff
---S2: Aldo Vincent Radcliff

-S1: Ùisdean Arken Nickleby
--W: Victoria Autherine (Fraser) Nickleby
---S1: Cianan Atticus Nickleby

-D3: Amara Tabitha (Nickleby) Plourde (Maiara's twin)
--H: Guy Alain Plourde
---D1: Sunday Rose Plourde

-D4: Maiara Dorcas Nickleby (Amara's twin)
--H: Napoleon Hosea Sharpe "Leon"
---D1: Marisol Anastasia Sharpe
---S1: Alexander Willem Sharpe
---S2: Austen Fraser Sharpe

-D5: Belinda Morgan Nickleby "Lindy"


Username: miakendall1075
DH: Rhys Michael O'Hara
DW: Alexandrina Anastasia di Rosa O'Hara "Lexa"

-D1: Mariana Violet O'Hara "Mia"
--ex-DH: Scott Quincy Hathaway
---D1: Maja Otillia Hathaway
---D2: Natalia Sage Hathaway
--SO: Zachary Beau Staite "Zach"

-S1: Blaise Renard O'Hara
-DW: Sophia Theodora Alexandria Rousseau O'Hara "Sophie"
---S1: Lance Milo O'Hara
---S2: Jeremiah William O'Hara
---D1: Ginger Alexandrine O'Hara "Ginny"

-S2: Vincent Arton O'Hara
--DW: Marie Septima Fraser O'Hara
---D1: May Anastasia O'Hara
---S1: Raleigh James O'Hara

-D2: Amara Louise O'Hara "Amy" (Adlai's twin)
--DH: Ryan Connor McNamara
---D1: Angel Rose McNamara

-S3: Adlai Levi O'Hara (Amy's twin)
--DW: Eleanor Lucy Fraser O'Hara "Nellie"
---D1: Sinead Cassandra O'Hara
---D2: Zoe Alexandra O'Hara
---S1: James Fraser O'Hara "Jamie"

-S4: Carlisle Morgan O'Hara


Username: Millie
DBF: Rhys Taylor Nickleby
DGF: Alli Arianne Poe

-D1: Luciana Ebony Nickleby "Luce"
--ex-fiancée: Seumas Alaric Mazur
---S1: Taylor Elias Mazur
---S2: Uriah Sydney Mazur
--BF: Xander Antonio Marcury

-D2: Mirabella Delfina Nickleby "Mira"
--BF: Simon Tobias Abe Risson
---S1: Scout Raymundo Risson
---S2: Evan Sunday Risson

-D3: Willa Björn Nickleby "Willa-Bear"
--BF: Winston Stetson Lambert
---S1: Fergus Evander Lambert
---D1: Chara Alexandra Lambert

-S1: Daveth Treeko Nickleby (Nyah and Pascoe's triplet)
--W: Mairead Eimhir {Armstrong} Nickleby
---D1: Ocean Sparrow Nickleby

-D4: Nyah Chikorita Nickleby (Daveth and Pascoe's triplet)
--H: Barak Esau Nutini
---D1: Minnie Aurora Nutini
---D2: Daucas Alexandrine Nutini

-S2: Pascoe Turtwig Nickleby (Daveth and Nyah's triplet)
--BF: Abraham Cleveland Bishop
---S1: Rory Magnus Mars Nickleby-Bishop
---S2: Jeremiah Billy Nickleby-Bishop

-S3: Conrad Maxon Nickleby


Username: Ninor
DH: Rhys Chad Nickleby
DW: Alessia Aurora (Bonelli) Nickleby

-D1: Isadora Susannah (Nickleby) Ravenscroft
--ex-DH: Remus Felix Facinelli
---S1: Alexander Osby Facinelli
---D1: Bryony Frances Facinelli
--DH: Zachariah Edward Ravenscroft "Zach"

-D2: Estelle Aderyn Nickleby "Stella"
--Dbf: Silas Thane Azrael Time
---S1: Cannon Othello Time
---S2: Sebastian Willoughby Time
---D1: Jasmine Mathilde Time

-S1: Yadon Regn Nickleby
--DW: Everild Marvel Winter-Nickleby "Eve"
---D1: Manon Isabelle Nickleby
---S1: Caspian Blackheart Nickleby
---D2: Camille Imogen Nickleby

-S2: Javed Maverick Nickleby (Elowen and Zola's triplet)
--DW: Celia Mirella (Greco) Nickleby
---S1: Maddox Bear Nickleby

-D3: Elowen Viper (Nickleby) Merriweather (Javed and Zola's triplet)
--DH: Nero Esau Merriweather
---D1: Effie Pandora Merriweather

-D4: Zola Charlotte Nickleby (Javed and Elowen's triplet)
--Dgf: Julia Autherine Bishop
---D1: Deirdre Persephone Bishop-Nickleby
---D2: Chloe Aliana Bishop-Nickleby

-D5: Calliope Montag Nickleby


Username: rubymay92
DH: Rhys Benjamin Westwick
DW: Sasha Scarlett [Haydn] Westwick

-D1: Araminta Lilac Westwick "Minty"
--ex-DH: Sergio Caius Facinelli
---D1: Scarlett Ottilia Facinelli "Lettie"
---S1: Theodore Robin Facinelli "Teddy"
--DW: Zara Vanessa Brosnan

-S1: Leopold Tiger Westwick "Leo"
--DW: Saskia Tilly Anna Richmond
---S1: Rocket Milo Westwick "Rocky"
---S2: Sebastian Liam Westwick "Seb"
---S3: Benjamin Austin Westwick "Benji"

-D2: Zinnia Juli Westwick-Murs "Nia"
--DH: Charles Cleveland Westwick-Murs "Charlie"
---D1: May Isabella Westwick-Murs
---S1: York Hudson Westwick-Murs

-S2: Navid Lysander Westwick "Nav" (Elle's twin, adopted from Charlotte, North Carolina)
--DW: Eirian Lowri Bevan
---D1: Sunday Coco Westwick

-D3: Elowen Titania [Westwick] Fraser "Elle" (Nav's twin, adopted from Charlotte, North Carolina)
--DH: Isaac Stetson Fraser
---D1: Saoirse Thisbe Fraser
---D2: Xanthe Alexandria Fraser
---S1: Emil Baxter Fraser

-S3: Ferdinand Murphy Westwick "Ferdy"


Username: Serel Channah
DH: Casimir Tom English "Cas"
DW: Alessandra Avalon [Feigenbaum] English

-D1: Olympia Jade [English] Hathaway "Pia"
--ex-DH: Stellan Carlisle Hathaway
---S1: Alexander Nils "Alex" Hathaway
---D1: Beatrice Dana Hathaway
--SO: Zephyr David Woodward

-D2: Megumi Koala English
--DW: Sophia Timothea Amelie Rutherford
---S1: Lance Orlando Rutherford-English
---D1: Gaiana Allison Rutherford-English "Gaia"
---D2: Dahlia Justine Rutherford-English

-S1: Asa Bjorn English
--DW: Georgia Septima [Murs] English
---D1: Maisie Sarah English
---S1: Julian Ashley English

-D3: Elowen Zipporah English (Zion's twin)
--DH: Jirou Daiki Hayashi
---D1: Lily Ocean Hayashi

-S2: Zion Ismael English (Elowen's twin)
--DW: Emily Lucy [Flowers] English
---D1: Noreen Calliope English
---S1: Leonardo Wilmot English "Leo"

-D4: Zola Marley English


Username: Sigrid
DH: Rhys Cato O'Hara
DW: Jacqueline Joella (Cavalli) O'Hara

-D1: Guinevere Hazel (O'Hara) Brimley
--ex-fiancée: Wyn Alaric Hathaway
---D1: Joëlle Ottilia Hathaway
---D2: Kielo Rowan Hathaway
--DH: Xavier Leonardo Brimley

-S1: Ludvig Faolán (O'Hara) Rousseau
--DH: Simeon Tate Adam Rousseau
---S1: Flint Orlando Rousseau
---D1: Euphemia Alice Rousseau

-D2: Bedelia Lilja (O'Hara) Messersmith
--DH: Winston Kennard Messersmith
---S1: Conor Marius Messersmith
---S2: Ezra Godfrey Messersmith

-D3: Elowen Delia O'Hara (Lystra and Mae's triplet)
--DH: Þór Baldur Hinriksson
---D1: Lily Ocean Þórsdóttir O'Hara

-D4: Lystra Elida (O'Hara) Tedder (Elowen and Mae's triplet)
--DH: Martin Hosea Tedder
---D1: Miriam Esmeralda Tedder

-D5: Mabyn Adeli (O'Hara) Nutini "Mae" (Elowen and Lystra's triplet)
--DH: Albert Esau Nutini
---S1: Alexander Vilmos Nutini
---S2: Natalius Sheldon "Tully" Nutini

-D6: Calliope Estelle O'Hara


Username: six1seven
DH: Kellan Marcus Reznik
DW: Alexis Annabel [O'Hara] Reznik

-D1: Matilda Rose "Mattie" [Ozera] Bridges
--ex-DH: Sebastian Carlisle Ozera
---S1: Alec Elias Ozera
---D1: Brynn Kelly Ozera
--Dbf: Zayne Thornton Bridges

-D2: Daniela Wren [Reznik] Ryswell
--DH: Stephen Tate Allen Ryswell
---S1: Garrison Theo Ryswell
---D1: Holland Blue Ryswell
---D2: Calla Justine Ryswell

-S1: Corbin Stark Reznik
--DW: Amelia Lucy "Mia" [Tedder] Reznik
---D1: Maisie Evangeline Reznik
---D2: Chloe Alaina Reznik

-S2: Keyne Bennet Reznik (Nyah's twin)
--DW: Kaja Ingrid [Stendahl] Reznik
---D1: Sparrow Sage Reznik

-D3: Nyah Darcy Reznik (Keyne's twin)
--Dbf: Martin Stetson Bishop
---D1: Caitlin Penelope Bishop
---S1: Zachariah William "Zac" Bishop
---S2: Abel Joseph Bishop

-S3: Conall Maxton Reznik


Username: Starshelle
SO1: Rhys Mercury Holmwood
SO2: Alessandra Anne "Alessa" Holmwood

-D1: Matilda Violet Hathaway [Holmwood]
--ex-SO: Gerald Felix Hathaway
---D1: Marianne Freja Hathaway
---S1: Nathaniel Rowan Hathaway "Nate"
--SO: See round 11 rules

-S1: Tadeu Ronan Holmwood "Tad"
--SO: Simone Thalia Arielle Rutledge
---S1: Lance Leonardo Holmwood
---D1: Zoe Alessandra Holmwood
---S2: See round 11 rules

-D2: Daphne Lila Merriweather [Holmwood]
--SO: Henry Clyde Merriweather
---D1: Maisie Isabella Merriweather

-D3: Asha Felicity Holmwood-Chavez (Zee's twin)
--SO: Guillermo Miguel Chavez
---D1: See round 11 rules

-D4: Zipporah Faith Bishop [Holmwood] "Zee" (Asha's twin)
--SO: Julius William Bishop
---D1: Fiona Penelope Bishop
---S1: Alexander William
---S2: See round 11 rules

-D5: Ingrid Morgan Holmwood


Username: Sugar
Dgf: Keziah Joplin Fairfax "Kizzy"
Dbf: Cobus Christopher Bauer

-D1: Saskia Azure Bauer Fairfax "Sky"
--ex-fiancée: Sigmund Felix Skarsgård "Sigge"
---S1: Kris Severin Skarsgård Fairfax
---D1: Lucia Sasha Skarsgård Fairfax
--DH: Zander Neeson Little

-D2: Zinaida Ariel Bauer Fairfax Roscoe "Ziddy"
--DH: Samuel Trevor Alistair Roscoe II "Ross"
---S1: Marshall Milo Roscoe
---D1: Anastasia Alice Roscoe "Stazy"
---S2: Killian Kyle Roscoe

-S1: Elric Arton Bauer Fairfax
--DW: Joan Autherine [Murs] Fairfax
---D1: Miriam Alienor Fairfax

-S2: Anaru Albin Bauer Fairfax (Kitto and Mael's triplet)
--DW: Krysia Magdalena Jelen-Fairfax
---D1: Blue Alicia Fairfax

-S3: Kitto Augustin Bauer Fairfax (Anaru and Mael's triplet)
--DH: Michelangelo Clyde Messersmith "Micky"
---D1: Líle Cassandra Faifax Messersmith
---D2: Sonora Theresa Fairfax Messersmith

-S4: Ismael Adino Bauer Fairfax "Mael" (Anaru and Kitto's triplet)
--Dgf: Sojourner Poinsette Flowers
---S1: Conall Valerian Flowers
---S2: Horatio Will Flowers
---S3: Aron Vincent

-D3: Ronit Alaska Bauer Fairfax


Username: SugarPlumFairy
SO1: Helena Primavère Holmwood
SO2: Giacomo Giuseppe Bonelli ("Jack")

-D1: Luciana Scarlet Bonelli ("Lux")
--ex-fiancée: Frédéric Xavier Bellefleur ("Fred")
---D1: Luciana Elin Bellefleur ("Lucie")
---D2: Madeleine Claude Bellefleur
--SO: Zachary Woodward Ravenscroft

-S1: Arturo Wolf Bonelli
--DW: Selena Theresa Anne Robinson
---S1: Flint Giacomo Bonelli
---S2: Maximilian Guiglelmo Bonelli

-S2: Fiorenzo Stark Bonelli ("Enzo")
--DW: Cleopatra Autherine "Cleo" Sharpe
---D1: Miriam Isabella Bonelli
---S1: Caspian Clement Bonelli
---D2: Freesia Éléonore Bonelli

-D2: Kerensa Bohème Bonelli (Pascoe's twin)
--DH: Mattia Franceso Casiraghi
---D1: Apple Rose Casiraghi

-S3: Pascoe Edgar Bonelli (Kerensa's twin)
--DW: Catherine Marvel Tedder
---S1: Lachlan Magnus Tedder-Bonelli
---D1: Penelope Alice Tedder-Bonelli
---S2: Ivor Austin Tedder-Bonelli

-D3: Valentina Morgan Bonelli


Username: ursa
DW: Magnolia Catherine (Nickleby) Fairfax
DH: Jakov James Fairfax

-D1: Persephone Gwen Fairfax
--ex-fiancée: François Benedict Lafayette
---S1: Benedetto Valdemar Lafayette
---D1: Coraline Joyce Lafayette
--Dgf: Zara Tallulah Woodward

-D2: Valentina Phoebe (Fairfax) Rutherford
--DH: Scott Thaddeus Adam Rutherford
---S1: Jet Rocco Rutherford
---D1: Eleni Alexandrine Rutherford

-S1: Gideon Tio Fairfax
--DW: Elizabeth Unita (Flowers) Fairfax
---D1: Miriam Seraphina Fairfax
---D2: Marigold Virginia Fairfax

-D3: Elowen Mirabelle Fairfax (Amara's twin)
--DH: Robert Augustus Evers
---S1: Maddox Sage Evers

-D4: Amara Madeleine (Fairfax) Merriweather (Elowen's twin)
--DH: Leonardo Winson Merriweather
---D1: Siobhan Gaia Merriweather
---S1: Amadeus William Merriweather
---S2: Abel Kenneth Merriweather

-D5: Rosalind Morgan Fairfax


Username: ValerieK
DH: Melchior Douglas Holmwood
DW: Sandra Scout {Bauer} Holmwood

-D1: Penelopy Violet Holmwood "Pippa"
--ex-fiancée: Gregorios Stefan Mazur
---D1: Stefana Halland Mazur
---S1: Tennyson Jodi Mazur
--GF: Zoey Vanessa Heston

-S1: Efrain Fox Holmwood
--DW: Sage Teagan Ainsley {Roberts} Holmwood
---S1: March Theo Holmwood
---S2: Huckleberry Will Holmwood

-S2: Hugh Stark Holmwood
--DW: Georgia Marvel {Tedder} Holmwood
---D1: May Aurora Holmwood
---S1: Sydney Ibis Holmwood
---D2: Jasmine Maria Holmwood

-D2: Elowen Christie Homwood (Jago's twin)
--DH: Arnau Sergi Castell
---D1: Sunday Rose Castell

-S3: Jago Hawthorne Holmwood (Elowen's twin)
--DW: Harriet Septima {Hassle} Holmwood
---D1: Greer Persephone Holmwood
---D2: Demi Alexandra Holmwood
---S1: Ewan Mikel Holmwood

-D3: Bella Morgan Holmwood


UN: Viatrix
H: Finnegan Cedric O'Hara
W: Alexa Anneliese O'Hara {nee di Rosa}

-D1: Beatrix Hazel Ravenscroft {nee O'Hara, formerly Hathaway}
--ex-W: Susanna Adele Hathaway
---S1: Cedric Clemens Hathaway
---D1: Delfina Vivian Hathaway
--W: Zuleika Honeysuckle Ravenscroft

-D2: Zora Penelope Radley {nee O'Hara}
--H: Samuel Theodore Alaric Radley
---S1: Lance Hugo Radley
---S2: Jeremiah William Radley
---D1: Dahlia Harriet Radley

-D3: Ivy Lila Merriweather {nee O'Hara}
--H: Winston Clyde Merriweather
---S1: Rory Atlas Merriweather
---D1: Xanthe Albertina Merriweather

-D4: Elowen Electra van Dalen {nee O'Hara} (Adlai and Kerensa's triplet)
--H: Ferdinand Jacob van Dalen
---S1: James Midnight van Dalen

-S1: Adlai Daniel O'Hara (Elowen and Kerensa's triplet)
--W: Eleanor Septima Sorcha-O'Hara
---D1: Marian Valentina Sorcha-O'Hara
---D2: Josephine Cerys Sorcha-O'Hara

-D5: Kerensa Juliet O'Hara (Elowen and Adlai's triplet)
--H: Sigmund Hosea Fraser
---S1: Malcolm Virgil Fraser
---D1: Catalina Scarlet Fraser
---S2: Evan Moses Fraser

-D6: Grace Theresa O'Hara


Username: Wandering Moon
DW: Briseis Florence Skytte
DH: Diego Daniel [di Rosa] Skytte

-D1: Henrietta Violet 'Etta'
--ex-Dfiancée: Gerhardt Stefan Hathaway
---D1: Florence Ebba
---D2: Georgia Aubrey
--DW: Zelda Jewel Staite

-S1: Benigno Fox 'Benny'
--DH: Simeon Theodore Alistair Roth
---S1: Flint Draco
---D1: Eirene Alice
---S2: Joss Oakley

-D2: Josephine Blixten [Skytte] Lambert 'Jo'
--DH: Napoleon Clyde Lamber 'Leon'
---D1: Miriam Eleanor

-S2: Obi Sean (Zion's twin, adopted from Long Beach, California)
--DW: Nasrin Shahnaz Rostami
---D1: Sparrow Rose

-S3: Zion Jackson (Obi's twin, adopted from Long Beach, California)
--Dgf: Grace Marvel Bishop
---D1: Saoirse Persephone
---S1: Zachariah Uilliam
---S2: Alan Emmanuel

-S4: Hannibal Mace 'Han'


Username: Weirwood
DW: Rhea Dylan (Rezník) Holmwood
DH: Jakob Julian Holmwood

-D1: Astoria Grey (Holmwood) Redgrave "Story"
--ex-DH: Iacopo Stefan Facinelli
---S1: Jacoby Halland Facinelli "Coby"
---D1: Kira August Facinelli
--DH: Zachary O'Neal Redgrave

-D2: Teija Lark (Holmwood) Ryerson
--DH: Shepherd Thomas Alden Ryerson
---S1: Bowie Aldo Ryerson
---S2: Holland James Ryerson
---S3: Otis Ambrose Ryerson

-D3: Kendra Rea (Holmwood) Messersmith
--DH: Tennyson Monteith Messersmith
---S1: Teague Atticus Messersmith
---D1: Julian Mariel Messersmith

-D4: Penrose Alula (Holmwood) Solarz (Keyne and Elowen's triplet, adopted from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma)
--DH: Reuben Ori Stolarz
---D1: Miller Rose Stolarz

-S1: Keyne Twain Holmwood (Penrose and Elowen's triplet, adopted from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma)
--DW: Indira Marvel (Sorcha) Holmwood
---D1: Mariska Oriana Holmwood
---S1: Tiberius William Holmwood

-D5: Elowen Talitha (Holmwood) Sharpe (Penrose and Keyne's triplet, adopted from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma)
--DH: Winston Kennard Sharpe "Win"
---S1: Allan Tarquin Sharpe
---D1: Chloe Althea Sharpe
---S2: Gale Fletcher Sharpe

-S2: Griffith Marley Holmwood


Username: Wordsmith
DW: Zinnia Joanna Westwick
DW: Alessa Alfonsina Cavalli

-D1: Dorothea Lavender
--ex-fiancée: Gustav Alaric Westenra
---D1: Dorothy Ottilia
---D2: Eugenia Callisto
--SO: Zebedee Arnold Redgrave

-S1: Sigmund Wolfram
--DW: Sybille Theodosia Agnes Rummel
---S1: Lancelot Bruno "Lance"
---S2: Horatio Willem
---D1: Marigold Mathilde

-S2: Lazarus Björn
--DBf: Albert Hosea Sharpe
---D1: Marietta Cecilia
---S1: Sydney Clement
---S2: Augustus Eldred

-D2: Kerensa Irene (Zipporah's twin, adopted from Tallahassee, Florida)
--DH: Ercole Egidio Albanesi
---D1: Sunday Bluebell

-D3: Zipporah Salome (Kerensa's twin, adopted from Tallahassee, Florida)
--DBf: Frederic Esau Flowers
---D1: Griselda Clio
---D2: Eurydice Althey
---D3: Lucretia Harriet

-S3: Placido Marek


Username: X Mar
DH: Kellan Bill Westwick
DW: Sandrine Seraphine Cavalli

-D1: Persephone Sapphire Westwick
--ex-DH: Remus Caius Mazur
---S1: Sander Horace Mazur
---S2: Tibor Agrippa Mazur
---SO: Zeus Victor Khan

-D2: Solange Nymph Westwick
--BF: Stellan Thor Andreas Rosengard
---S1: Gunner Bo Rosengard
---S2: Eleazar Bill Rosengard
---S3: Reidar Blake Rosengard

-D3: Morgaine Elva Westwick
--BF: Darius Clyde Sharpe
---D1: Socorra Nerissa Sharpe

-S1: Zion Genghis Westwick (Kenji and Jago's triplet)
--SO: Rémy Laurent LeGrand
---S1: Ozzy Moses LeGrand

-S2: Kenji Xerxes Westwick (Zion and Jago's triplet)
--DW: Godiva Hosea Westwick-Winter
---D1: Madonna Damaris Westwick
---D2: Zenobia Aldona Westwick
---S1: Marino Rio Westwick

-S3: Jago Sargon Westwick (Zion and Kenji's triplet)
--GF: Pelagia Marvel Munther
---S1: Mace Apollo Westwick
---D1: Selena Allovera Westwick
---D2: Dahlia Mathilde

-S4: Nero Marek Westwick


Username: Zombieoftheweek
W: Ruby Simone Cavalli
W: Alessa Aimee Rezník

-D1: Cecilia Violet Reznik-Cavalli
--ex-fiancée: Cvijeta Wilhelmina Westenra
---D1: Amée Freja Westenra
---D2: Bethany Blythe Westenra
--GF: Xiomara Tallulah Ravenscroft

-S1: Søren Phoenix Rezník-Cavalli
--W: Sophia Thalia Amelie Roth
---S1: Gunnar Leo Rezník-Roth
---S2: Nehemiah Willem Rezník-Roth
---S3: Howard Reuben Rezník-Roth

-S2: Nehemiah Vilja Rezník-Cavalli
--Gf: Florence Marvel Messersmith
---D1: Marisol Juliana Rezník-Cavalli
---S1: Sydney Clement Rezník-Cavalli
---D2: Heather Virginia Rezník-Cavalli

-D2: Zola Willow Rezník-Cavalli (Adlai and Nyah's triplet)
--H: Ilya Serafim Matveev
---S1: Sage Maddox Matveev

-S3: Adlai Hawthorne Rezník-Cavalli (Zola and Nyah's triplet)
--W: Boudica Septima Bishop
---D1: Sorcha Lilith Rezník-Cavalli

-D3: Nyah Juniper Rezník-Cavalli (Zola and Adlai's triplet)
--SO: Julius Clyde Nutini
---S1: Kilian Magnus Nutini
---D1: Petra Alicia Nutini
---D2: Konrada Briar Nutini

-D4: Rosalind Iolanthe Rezník-Cavalli

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