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Member since   September 8, 2012
Real name Galadriel Jasey Hart
Location Middle Earth
Birthday July 15
My name is Galadriel. You can call me Galadriel, Lad, Rielle, Ree, Elly or G. I love Lord of the Rings (of course:), weird and unusual names (as well as some normal ones), animals (especially Pangolins), food (pizza and chocolate are my favorite), and video games (including World of Warcraft). I am always on the lookout for cool names; Feel free to message me! ;D
Specifically, for girl's names, generally I like flower and nature names- Anything but super trendy! As for boy's names, I like anything 'normal' but again, not too trendy.
(My fav name they don't have yet: Goneril, Snow)

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