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GENDER: Masculine
OTHER SCRIPTS: Ματθιας (Greek)
PRONOUNCED: mah-TEE-ahs (German), mə-THIE-əs (English)   [key]
Meaning & History
Variant of Matthaios (see MATTHEW) which appears in the New Testament as the name of the apostle chosen to replace the traitor Judas Iscariot. This was also the name of kings of Hungary, including Matthias I who made important reforms to the kingdom in the 15th century.
Related Names
VARIANTS: Mathias, Mathis, Mattias (German), Mathias, Mattias (Swedish), Mathias (Norwegian), Mathias (Danish), Mathias, Mathis, Mathys (French), Matthijs (Dutch), Mattheus (Biblical Latin), Matthaios (Biblical Greek)
DIMINUTIVES: Mats (Swedish), Mats (Norwegian), Mads (Danish), Thijs, Ties (Dutch)
OTHER LANGUAGES: Matia (Basque), Mattithyahu, Mattityahu (Biblical Hebrew), Matey (Bulgarian), Mateu (Catalan), Matej, Mateo, Matija, Mate, Matko, Mato (Croatian), Matěj, Matouš, Matyáš (Czech), Matthew, Mat, Mathew, Matt, Mattie, Matty (English), Matias, Matti (Finnish), Mate (Georgian), Makaio (Hawaiian), Mattityahu (Hebrew), Máté, Mátyás (Hungarian), Maitiú (Irish), Matteo, Mattia (Italian), Matas (Lithuanian), Matej (Macedonian), Maciej, Mateusz (Polish), Mateus, Matias (Portuguese), Matheus (Portuguese (Brazilian)), Matei (Romanian), Matfey, Matvei, Matvey, Motya (Russian), Mateja, Matija (Serbian), Matej, Matúš (Slovak), Matej, Matevž, Matija, Matjaž, Matic, Tjaž (Slovene), Mateo, Matías (Spanish)
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Austria  ranked #21 
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France  ranked #243 
Iceland  ranked #29 
Italy  ranked #196 
Netherlands  ranked #281 
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