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Real name Brianna Michelle
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Birthday September 11
Hello everyone! My name is Brianna. I go by Brianna, Nana, or Bri. I'm not out of school yet but I'm determined to become an author (if I can get my first story written). My favorite part of writing is creating the characters. I specialize in teenagers, probably because they're closer to my age. I love thinking of names. I love creating their looks. And I love love love creating their personalities. I think I'm pretty good at making plots, I've always had an active imagination. Putting it all down on paper is the hard part. But I'm learning :) And I definitely give a lot of thanks to the people around the site. They are so much help!
Anyways, now about names...I'm kind of a different person. I like different names and I very much love putting boyish names on girls :) Don't hate me. Since some of my most favorite names aren't on this site, I decided I‘d list some of them. So here they are:
Boys: Colt, Rance, Harden, Bronson, Boone, Ryken
Girls: Callen, Gracen

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