GENDER: Feminine
PRONOUNCED: KREES-TEEN (French), kris-TEEN (English), kris-TEE-nə (German, Dutch)  [details]

Meaning & History

French form of CHRISTINA, as well as a variant in other languages.


1950s, 1960s, actresses, film titles, never out of the US top 1000, Nintendo characters, Star Trek characters, Stephen King characters, The Legend of Zelda characters, The Man in the High Castle characters, top 10 in Canada
VARIANTS: Christiane (French), Christiana, Christina, Kristine, Kristeen, Krystine (English), Christiane, Christina, Kristiane, Kristina, Kristine (German), Christina, Kristina, Kristine (Swedish), Christina, Kristina, Kristine (Norwegian), Christina, Kirstine, Kristina, Kristine (Danish), Christina (Dutch)
MASCULINE FORMS: Christian (French), Christian (English), Christian (German), Christian, Kristian (Swedish), Christian, Karsten, Kristian (Norwegian), Carsten, Christian, Karsten, Kresten, Kristian (Danish), Christiaan (Dutch)
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Kistiñe (Basque), Hristina, Kristina (Bulgarian), Kristina, Tina (Croatian), Kristina, Kristýna (Czech), Kristiina (Estonian), Kristina (Faroese), Kristiina, Iina, Kirsi, Kirsti, Krista, Stiina, Tiina (Finnish), Christina (Greek), Kilikina (Hawaiian), Krisztina (Hungarian), Kristín, Kristjana (Icelandic), Cristiana, Cristina, Tina (Italian), Christiana (Late Roman), Kristiāna, Kristīna, Kristīne (Latvian), Ina, Stien (Limburgish), Kristina (Lithuanian), Hristina, Tina (Macedonian), Krystyna, Krysia, Krystiana (Polish), Cristiana, Cristina (Portuguese), Cristina (Romanian), Kristina (Russian), Cairistìona, Kirstin, Kirsteen, Kirstie, Kirsty (Scottish), Hristina, Kristina (Serbian), Kristína (Slovak), Kristina, Tina (Slovene), Cristina (Spanish), Khrystyna (Ukrainian), Crystin (Welsh)
Entry updated July 2, 2017