GENDER: Masculine
Meaning & History
Scandinavian and Finnish form of CHRISTIAN
Related Names
VARIANTS: Christian (Swedish), Christian, Christen, Kristen (Norwegian), Christian, Christen, Kresten, Kristen (Danish)
DIMINUTIVES: Christer, Krister (Swedish), Christer, Kris (Danish)
FEMININE FORMS: Christina, Christine, Kristina, Kristine (Swedish), Christina, Christine, Kristina, Kristine (Norwegian), Christina, Christine, Kristina, Kristine (Danish), Kristiina (Finnish)
OTHER LANGUAGES: Kristiyan (Bulgarian), Kristijan, Krsto (Croatian), Christiaan, Chris (Dutch), Christian, Chris, Kris (English), Kristjan (Estonian), Christian (French), Carsten, Christian (German), Krisztián (Hungarian), Kristján (Icelandic), Cristiano (Italian), Christianus (Late Roman), Kristiāns (Latvian), Kristijonas (Lithuanian), Karsten (Low German), Hristijan, Kristijan (Macedonian), Krystian, Krystyn (Polish), Cristiano (Portuguese), Cristian, Cristi (Romanian), Kristijan (Serbian), Kristijan, Kristjan (Slovene), Cristián (Spanish)
United States  ranked #618 
England/Wales  ranked #434 
Croatia  ranked #85 
Czech Republic  ranked #46 
Norway  ranked #43